What to look for when buying a sign?

So you are ready to buy a new sign for your business? Great. There are some basic considerations in choosing the appropriate sign. Here is a quick checklist to help you with the process:

  1. Are you thinking about an indoor or outdoor sign? This is a biggie since the exterior signs need to withstand the wrath of nature. So they have to be fabricated accordingly. Indoors signs are not as exposed to the elements.
  2. If an outdoor sign, then what kind of weather would it see? I mean not all outdoors signs are placed in hostile environments. Direct sunlight and moisture are usually two of the more damaging natural elements.
  3. What type of brand, image, or message do you want to project? Companies spend huge amounts of money creating logos, tag lines, and brand recognition. Think about how you want to be perceived and what demographics you are targeting. A good sign designer can help create the perfect sign based on your vision and goals.
  4. Do you want the sign to be illuminated? This is an important consideration especially if you conduct business after dusk or if you simply want your business name to be more visible at night as potential customers drive or walk by. There are additional considerations with electrical signs such as power source, electrical wiring, and city permit work that the sign company will have to deal with.
  5. Distance, visibility, and placement of the sign. You want to make sure that your sign is big enough to be visible at the appropriate distance a potential customer would see it. Secondly, if a would-be customer is driving by, they may only have a few seconds to view the signs as it comes into view.
  6. Will this be a permanent or temporary sign? Obviously if a sign is permanent, (i.e., expected to last 3 years or more), then the material and construction of it would be different than a sign that is only expected to last for a few days or weeks.
  7. Will you need the landlord, property management, or city approvals? Most commercial and industrial complexes require approvals of any new signage to make sure it falls within the parameters of their sign plan. City permits will be required for certain signs as well.
  8. What is your budget? This is a key consideration. If money is no object, then your options are truly unlimited. But if you are like mot people, you want to set a budget for your signage. Discuss your options with your sign company. There are always several options available to meet any budget.

Well I hope these few tips help you with your decision to purchase a new sign. Don’t hold back. Go for a new sign and get noticed. 

By: Kevin Kavianian

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