Vehicle Graphics

Is your business looking for effective ways to get in front of your target customers? In San Jose, there are plenty of marketing tools that can make this possible. However, a lot of these tools can be costly.

If a cost-effective sign solution is what you need, then vehicle graphics is the right choice for you.

What are Vehicle Graphics?

Vinyl vehicle graphics are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to any part of your vehicle. These are fully customizable. You can have graphics digitally printed and added to your car. A good example is putting your company logo on your vehicle surfaces.

Vinyl graphics can also be laser cut into various shapes, characters, and letters. This lets you add details to your vehicle, including your business name and contact info.

Any small to medium enterprise can afford the cost of vehicle graphics. It is the perfect sign solution when you want a simple yet effective way to promote your brand in San Jose.

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Types of Vehicle Graphics

Signs Unlimited offers high-quality vinyl graphics for vehicles in San Jose. We have a wide range of options available. These include, but are not limited to:

Uses of Vehicle Decals and Graphics

In marketing, it is important to choose strategies that benefit your business in more ways than one. Vinyl graphics are an option that provides plenty of uses. Here are some examples:


Custom vehicle graphics are the easiest way to add branding elements to your vehicles. A simple brand logo is already enough to make an impact boosting your brand.

A single-vehicle graphic has the potential to generate thousands of impressions per day. This translates to thousands of people seeing and learning about your brand in San Jose.

Marketing Tool

Commercial vehicle graphics area cost-effective marketing tool. This enables you to promote your business. Graphics are a great way to get customers interested in what you have to offer.

This is also a practical solution when it comes to temporary or seasonal advertising. Vinyl graphics are easy to install and remove. This allows you to regularly change your vehicle design to match what you are trying to promote.

Lead Generation

Graphics and lettering are also effective in generating leads for your business. Adding your contact details or a call to action invites people to get in touch with you.

Someone who may be looking for your products or services will have a way to contact you because of seeing the information on your vehicles.

Your Trusted Car Graphics Experts in San Jose, CA

Signs Unlimited is a full-service sign company in San Jose. We provide high-quality graphics for your vehicle needs. Our team can help design, produce, and install vinyl graphics for your vehicles.

We only use premium vinyl material for our signs. This ensures your graphics and decals are vibrant, durable, and long-lasting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signs Unlimited is a San Jose, CA-based sign company that offers various signage services. One of the services they provide is vehicle graphics, which can be used to promote any company looking to improve its local presence.

Vehicle branding is the process of using your car to directly market a business. It will involve covering the car in a vinyl car wrap or decal that includes images, phrases, logos, or other types of company branding.

Vehicle branding is a great way to advertise a local business. Whenever you take your car, those in the immediate area will see the advertisement. You can also provide contact information and website data that a consumer can view to learn more.

Yes, you can put anything about your business on your car that you want. Including a logo is common for vehicle owners.

Yes, using a vehicle decal in San Jose is a great way to advertise a local business. When driving around your community, these wraps will help you connect with customers and directly inform local consumers of your services.

Vehicle decals use durable and weather-resistant vinyl. This keeps your car’s underlying paint protected while minimizing the chances of rips or other damage to your vinyl.

No, a vinyl decal is designed to sit safely on top of your car. It can then be easily removed by Signs Unlimited without hurting the paint of your car.

Standard car wraps and vinyl decal graphics can last for several years. However, exposure to harsh sunlight, extreme weather conditions, driving in rough terrain, and other factors can affect how long it will last.

A vinyl car wrap is designed to stay on and withstand normal wear and tear. When it is time to remove or change your car decal, Signs Unlimited can have it removed for you. This process will protect your paint and get rid of all remnants of the decal.

When you have a decal on your car, it is important to keep the car clean as it will help the advertisement stand out. While you can wash the car with the decal on it, the process should be treated differently. Ideally, you should wash the car by hand and avoid using excessive heat. Signs Unlimited can provide the guidance needed on how to wash your car.

Protecting a car decal is like protecting an existing paint job. Keeping the car covered when not in use, washing it regularly, and following proper maintenance will help protect the decals.

If you are interested in a vinyl car graphic for your vehicle, you can contact us at Signs Unlimited today to learn more!