Parking Signs

It is always important to keep your business space organized. Whether indoors or outdoors, signs help you run your business in San Jose more smoothly.

One way to ensure your outdoor space is in order is through parking signs. They help guide motorists and pedestrians while on your property. These signs keep your business safe and accessible.

Let Signs Unlimited guide you through the importance, types, and cost of parking signs today. We offer high-quality sign solutions that meet your practical and compliance needs. Talk to us for a FREE consultation today! 

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What is a Parking Sign?

Parking signs are there to generally let people know where they can or can’t park. Since these are outdoor signs, they are made of durable, weather-resistant materials like aluminum and metal.

While these signs are pretty standard, you still have the option to customize your signs. Custom parking signs can be designed to match your brand while still following local guidelines in San Jose.

Types of Parking Signs

1. No Parking Signs – informs drivers which spots to avoid leaving their vehicles. These are usually placed in areas where parking may obstruct your business operations.

2. Reserved Parking Signs – signs that let people know if a parking spot is designated for specific people. These could be reserved parking for customers, tenants, VIPs, and the like.

3. Accessible Parking Signs – these signs point towards parking areas that are accessible to people with disabilities.

4. Emergency Parking Signs – these signs tell drivers to avoid specific areas that are meant for emergency vehicles. This makes sure first responders have a designated spot to go to in case of fires and emergencies.

5. Pick Up/Drop Off Signs – these commercial parking signs guide delivery personnel, taxis, and other motorists to loading and unloading zones. 

ADA Parking Signs Custom Made in San Jose, CA

Uses of Parking Signs

As a business owner, you may not have considered parking signs when creating your sign system. However, parking lot signs are a valuable addition to any business that has outdoor parking spaces in San Jose, CA.

Here are different ways these signs can help your business:

1. Direct people to proper parking spots. This helps guide drivers to designated parking spaces in your area to avoid any chaos and confusion.

2. Prohibit people from parking in certain areas. There are plenty of reasons parking can be prohibited:

• Space may be near a fire hydrant.
• It’s within a crosswalk.
• Fire/Emergency lanes
3. Mark reserved parking areas. These are used to indicate if specific people should be occupying that space. These can usually be found in private businesses and other private properties. 

Eye-Catching Parking Signs “Near Me”

Keep your outdoor spaces more orderly with the right parking signs for your business. Signs Unlimited is a parking sign manufacturing company in San Jose. We offer a variety of sign options and materials that can fulfill your business needs. 

Whether you need metal parking signs, reflective signs, or more, our team can deliver. We are committed to making high-quality products that will help your business in San Jose. Contact us today for your parking sign needs, and we’ll give you a FREE quote.