LED Neon Signs San Jose, CA

Get a step ahead of the competition today with a dynamic and vibrant sign solution like neon signs. These are a popular choice among businesses that want to get noticed in San Jose.

These signs make it easy to advertise your business. They give you a classic, retro look that is hard to ignore. Before looking for an LED neon sign maker, check out these important details to get you excited about neon signs. 

Custom LED Neon Signs

Neon signs are lighted sign options for home or business use. These are traditionally made with glass tubes filled with gases to produce light. Nowadays, sign makers use LED light strips to mimic the same effect of traditional neon. LED neon signs are a safer, more affordable, and energy-efficient alternative. They are highly customizable and can be made with different shapes and colors to match your branding needs.

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How can LED signs maximize your engagement?

It’s obvious that custom LED signs are eye-catching and memorable, but did you know they can also increase the number of people engaging with your brand? Here’s how:

What are the Benefits of “Neon” Signs for Business?

Custom “neon” signs are a valuable addition to any San Jose space. Whether you use it at home or for your business, they can elevate any space and make a memorable impression.

Commercial Use : Businesses in San Jose use neon signs for a variety of different reasons. They are incredible when it comes to getting your business noticed. Regardless of the time of day, neon light signs make you visible anywhere.

These signs are also used to display various messages, like telling people you are open for business.

Home Use : The vibrant design of LED neon wall signs makes any room come alive. They can be used to spell out a word or phrase to decorate your living room or bedroom space.

Special Events : LED neon signs can be used to add more wow factors to any event in San Jose. These light-up signs create the perfect backdrop for photo booths, weddings, and other special occasions.

Different Types of Lighted or LED Signs

The cost of “neon” signs depends largely on the type and design you need. Before searching “neon signs online,” take a look at these different options for your San Jose business.

1.“Neon” Storefront Signs

These are signs used for storefront displays. They are typically designed to reflect the company’s brand name and logo. These are great for bars, restaurants, and retail stores.

2. Outdoor LED Neon Light Signs

Outdoor neon signs are used to attract the attention of motorists or passersby. These can be added to other outdoor features such as pylon signs, monument signs, or billboards. Your options aren’t limited to “open” signs either, get creative with custom design options for your outdoor neon signs and display your logo or a catchy quote.

3. LED Neon Wall Lights

These are perfect for sprucing up any indoor space. LED neon is flexible and can be bent to create different shapes. This is great for decorating walls with texts or graphics.

Office “neon” signs are ideal for lobby signs as well as wall décor that make your business space more memorable. 

Ideal for commercial and home use, LED neon wall lights can be used to display inspiring quotes or directions such as “order here”

Custom LED Neon Signs by Signs Unlimited in San Jose, CA

Benefits of LED Neon Signs

It’s no surprise that LED neon signs help draw customers into your business. But there are several other benefits linked to this type of sign:

Custom LED Neon Signs For Visibility

Visibility is important when promoting your business and nothing stands out quite like a neon sign. With bright lights and endless custom design options, neon signs are effective at catching the attention of passersby, even in the dark. 

Whether your business is located on a busy street or tucked away in a dark alley, neon signs will ensure your company stays visible. 

Custom neon signs can also increase your visibility online. When customers take photos of your custom neon wall lights and share them on social media, you get even more curious eyes on your business. 

LED Neon vs Glass Neon

LED Neon signs offer the same aesthetic benefits as traditional glass neon lights, without all the hassle. Here are a few ways LED neon is more effective than glass:

Looking for a Reliable LED Neon Sign Company in San Jose?

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