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There is no doubt that when it comes down to the business’s image, it pays to go big. Name recognition matters. Customers feel better about working with a company that is always protecting its image. Vinyl trailer wraps and trailer decals are large, visible, dynamic, and a reaffirmation of your value. They are constantly marketing your business.

What is a Trailer Wrap?

Using high-quality vinyl materials, trailer wraps are designed to adhere to the surface of your trailer with no damage to the underlying paint. As they are flexible, vinyl wraps adhere to all of the contours of your trailer.

Types of Trailer Wraps

In San Jose, you’ll see well-marketed businesses driving around with custom trailer wraps every day. Business trailer wraps can be seen on trailers, including:

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Uses for Trailer Wraps

A trailer wrap is always advertising. Even parked outside your business, it constantly conveys how you can be contacted and puts your professionalism on full display. Home improvement businesses, movers, and landscapers benefit when San Jose homeowners see large trailer lettering and innovative uses of trailer graphics parked in front of the neighbor’s house.

The use of trailer wrap advertising creates a uniform look for your company that follows you all around San Jose. Commercial trailer wraps are essentially billboards on wheels that can prompt calls from potential customers while just driving to a job site.

Cost of Trailer Wraps

Trailer wraps can vary with the size of a trailer and how detailed the wrapping process might be. There is no one size fits all solution with a single price. When customers turn to Signs Unlimited to price a trailer wrap, we compare the cost against traditional forms of advertising. A trailer vinyl wrap that is cost comparative to just a few months of advertising on a traditional medium is advertising for your business every day for years to come. Your business’ trailer wrap is both protecting and promoting a San Jose brand you’ve spent years building.

Trailer Wrap Experts in San Jose

Should you ever wonder, “Where can I get trailer wraps near me?” Signs Unlimited is San Jose company of choice. When it comes to wraps for trailers, the experts at Signs Unlimited have years of experience producing wraps and the graphics of trailers that catch eyeballs, prompt customer calls, and reinforce your brand and reputation for excellence.

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Commercial Trailer Wraps in San Jose, CA