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Customized Bus Wraps in San Jose

Buses spend most time chugging around the cities, mostly covering busy areas where other motorists and pedestrians can notice their presence. The large surface area of the buses can be a prime advertising space for your brand. Bus wraps can help display eye-striking designs and graphics that will create brand awareness among people without the high expense of traditional advertising methods. 

Whether you’re looking for a marketing solution to promote a specific product, capture new leads, or boost brand awareness, bus wraps can help do it all. 

Is a Bus Wrap Worth It?

A bus wrap advertising campaign is a great way to get your San Jose business noticed and drive sales in a cost-effective manner. However, the cost of traditional branding options, such as ads in local newspapers or TV ads, can add up quickly.

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What is a Bus Wrap?

A bus wrap is a digitally printed adhesive vinyl applied to parts of the outside of a transport vehicle or van. It can cover most of the surface area of the bus or van, creating a large advertising space that appears seamless when viewed by pedestrians and motorists. Think of it as a vehicle wrap for a much larger surface.

Bus wraps bring ads into focus for current customers while improving awareness for new audiences. In addition to the increased traffic generated from a highly-visible mobile ad, a professionally installed van or bus wrap can have a dramatic impact on your business. This makes bus wraps the perfect combination of functionality with cost-effectiveness.

What Are Some Bus Wrap Benefits?​

Car wraps in San Jose are an ideal sign solution when you want to generate attention. Here are different ways wraps can be used for your business:

Increases product/brand awareness

When your bus has custom bus wraps with your brand or product, you make it clear who you are to everyone riding the bus as well as other motorists on the road.

It is excellent for new businesses in the San Jose  since they can immediately generate income without relying on word-of-mouth. As people become familiar with your brand and see its advertisement frequently, they build trust with your business, which prompts them to purchase from your brand.

Increases online traffic

With a cheap ad on Craigslist or Kijiji, you may attract some new customers, but it’s unlikely that the majority of people will go back to your website and make an online purchase.

However, with commercial bus wraps that have a business advertisement, not only is it cheaper than most traditional advertising methods, but it will also generate a significant amount of online traffic.

Increases foot traffic at your store

If your business is local and has a physical location, it’s vital that more people know about it.

Your van or bus wrap design can help increase foot traffic by getting more eyes on your ads online or on the street. While some customers may not purchase during their first visit to your store, they will most likely tell their friends and family about your store.

This is great for growing a loyal customer base.


What Are the Different Types of Bus Wraps?

There are two main types of bus wraps: partial and vehicle decals. What you decide depends on your intended uses for bus wraps.

Partial bus wraps

A partial bus wrap occupies the most prominent location, typically the rear-most section above the doors. These vinyl bus wraps let you get up close to your potential customers with larger-than-life imagery and messaging.

It also stops passengers from being exposed to too many competing ads, making it more effective. You can make your brand well known throughout San Jose with this method.

Since only a part of the bus is covered in the vinyl wrap, the total cost of getting a partial bus wrap is relatively cheaper than a full bus wrap. A partial wrap is a powerful method to captivate the viewers and convey your information. This cost-effective solution can create much better results than traditional advertising options like newspaper and TV ads, which often go unnoticed by the majority of people.

Partial wraps can be one of the following types:

Full Vinyl Wraps

As the name suggests, a full bus wrap covers the entire exterior surface of the bus with vinyl graphics that can be customized to your liking. While these wraps have a more dramatic impact on the onlookers, they can be expensive. However, these eye-catching decals create a lasting impact on the audience, which helps recover the initial costs quickly. 

Full bus wraps are a combination of perforated window films and solid vinyl sheets customized to reflect your brand and its values. 

Vehicle Decals for your bus

Decals are a type of vinyl wrap that is also an option. Deciding between the two is where the cost of bus wraps plays a significant role. Talk to our team to help you decide the best route to go.

Commercial Bus Wraps in San Jose, CA
Commercial Bus Wraps in San Jose, CA

Why Choose Our Vinyl Wrap Shop?

At Signs Unlimited, we are committed to providing only the best-quality vinyl wraps for your vehicles. Our seasoned experts provide guidance and assistance to each client and help them select the best solution according to their budget and marketing goals. 

Whether you need partial or full wraps, we can design and install high-quality customized bus wraps in the San Jose, which will captivate your viewers and successfully convert them into leads. You can customize your bus wraps in any color, design, finish, pattern, and texture. Our vinyl wraps are durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to spend your precious time and effort on their maintenance. 

Get Started with Van and Bus Graphics Today

If you’ve decided that custom bus graphics are the right advertising choice for your brand, then it’s time to get started. Don’t worry about looking up, “bus wraps near me” –it’s time to contact bus wrap experts in San Jose.

Signs Unlimited, located in San Jose, offers high-quality partial bus wrap services with free estimates and local printing. Whether you wish to learn more about how bus wraps can benefit your business or want to get attractive designs for your bus wraps, we would love to connect with you.

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