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Small and medium businesses in San Jose are always looking for easy and affordable marketing strategies. Innovation has made it appealing to go for grand advertising gestures. However, there is still much value in simple, traditional signage that works. One example of this is yard signs.

What is a Yard Sign?

Yard signs are typically made of corrugated plastic held up by wire stakes. They are often mounted on the ground on front yards, sidewalks, and roadsides. These are lightweight and weather-resistant, making them a great outdoor sign choice.

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Types of Yard Signs

Despite being a simple sign solution, there are different yard sign options for your business needs:

Real Estate Signs – also called H-Frames, these are common signs in the real estate industry. They’re lightweight, portable, and movable – making them easy to reuse for different events.

Corrugated Plastic Signs – easy to print, temporary outdoor signs. These are the most common choice for yard signs.

Campaign Signs – typically corrugated plastic yard signs. A popular choice during campaigns because of its low cost and flexibility.

Yard/Lawn Greetings – often used during special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and the like. 


Uses of Yard Signs

The simplicity and versatility of yard signs make them an ideal temporary sign solution. Let’s look at the different applications of custom yard signs in San Jose:

Promotional Tool

One of the most popular ways to use yard signs in San Jose is advertising. Promoting products, services, and events is easy with these custom signs. These signs sit on ground level, usually along roads and sidewalks. This enables you to attract the attention of motorists and passersby.

Messaging Tool

These easy to print yard signs make them the perfect messaging tool. Sizes can also vary depending on your need. A couple of these signs spread out strategically in your area allow you to send your message effectively.

The cost of yard signs is also low. For this reason, these lightweight and portable signs are often seen all around during campaign periods to increase name recognition and recall.

Non-Commercial Use

Aside from commercial use, many use custom lawn signs to adorn their yards during special occasions. Birthday and graduation signs are commonly placed on lawns when celebrating events. Birthday yard signs or yard sign letters to spell out a name or message are a great way to add more excitement to the festivities. 


Custom Lawn Signage in San Jose, CA

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