ADA Signs:

These refer to signs specially designed and produced according to the guidelines mandated by law, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA signs assist differently-abled guests and customers. We strategically place them in different areas, such as front doors and near elevators.

For signage to be ADA-compliant, it has to have non-glaring finishes, specific fonts, universal characters, contrasting background and text colors, raised characters, and more.

The law requires signs with braille for permanent spaces or rooms in an establishment.

These signs must be easy to read and understand. Therefore, all ADA fonts need to be Sans Serif. Any type of script, italicization, decorations, or unusual forms are prohibited. 

Tactile signs should have grade 2 Braille and should be in lower case, except for proper nouns acronyms, the first word of sentences, letters part of a room number, and initials. For more specific requirements, check state law.

Channel Letters:

Channel letters typically cost around $11-$15 per vertical inch for standard materials. In other words, if the letter height is 15 inches, it would cost you around $175-$200 exclusive of installation fees.

If you want to invest in the best quality channel letters that look great and last long, we highly suggest acrylic for its face and aluminum on its sides.

These are cabinet or lightbox signs which have an interior light from one of the translucent panels.

On average, we complete our channel letter projects within two-weeks from when the digital files are ready. However, it’s important to note that acquiring a city permit takes longer to secure.

Outdoor Signs:

The most durable materials that can withstand the outside elements are vinyl, aluminum, Dibond, polyester, or dura-wood. What you need depends on your branding strategy, as well. Our team will work closely with you in choosing the best materials that suit your company.

Non-illuminated signs made from foam with acrylic costs around $1500-2500 but can vary based on the details. On the other hand, illuminated signs are within $3000-$5000, but like its counterpart, the price also varies on the design’s complexity.

Pillar signs and monument signs cost more, but it’s for a good reason. To learn more, contact us today.

Yes, most municipalities require sign permits for customized door signs.

It depends on the needs of your project. To get an idea of your exterior sign’s timeline, talk to one of our seasoned signage specialists today.

Monument Signs:

Because of the intricate fabrication process and unique installation requirements, pillar and monument signs cost more than other types of signage. You also have to take into account how elaborate or simple the design is. If you want to get estimates for the preliminary design, our team will happily accommodate your questions.

We have five types of monuments signs: 

  • Illuminated monument signs provide visual impact and round-the-clock advertising
  • Pylon signs are ideal for multi-tenant establishments such as plazas and shopping centers
  • Outdoor directory signs provide concise details on how people can access specific areas in your property or establishment
  • Post and panel signs are versatile outdoor monument signs that display your company name, logo, and other essential information
  • Single monument signs are great for long-term use because of its durability

Monument signs require a lot of effort to design, produce, and install, but we can complete the whole process within a few weeks. However, acquiring a permit takes a longer time because the final design needs to be approved first. Only then can the fabrication stage commence.

Modern monument signage refers to signage made from steel and other metals other than traditional wood, brick, or stone. These are perfect for minimalistic and contemporary trademarks. 

We fabricate foam monument signs using expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. Despite being lightweight, this material is highly durable and easily replaceable.

If your branding strategy requires a modern and sleek design, aluminum monument signs are your best bet. These require little to no maintenance and are resistant to weathering and rusting.

However, if you’re looking for something hardwearing but budget-friendly, investing in foam monument signs fabricated from EPS is the way to go.

Floor Graphics:

On average, interior floor graphics last within six months but can reach a year if properly maintained. Meanwhile, exterior floor graphics last for three months, but this can vary on the weather and its maintenance.

Despite its thin appearance, floor decals are highly durable and resistant to damage because we make them from cast vinyl, which is the same material used for fleet wraps. We specially fabricate our floor decals to withstand debris, dirt, and moisture, making them a fantastic investment for every business.

It usually ranges from $50-$200, depending on the material chosen, dimensions of the decal, and its readiness to be printed.

Temporary floor graphics are easy-to-remove decals that can showcase texts, images, logos, and patterns. These are self-adhesive, hardwearing, and made from the same vinyl used in fleet wraps and decals.

When given the appropriate care and maintenance, peel and stick tiles can last for several months. For these to last even longer and go through less wear and tear, peel and stick tiles should be installed in areas with low to medium traffic.

Floor graphics are eye-catching signs that help you connect with your client and customers. Use these to promote products, display motivational quotes and practical tips, showcase your contact details, and more. 

The process is complicated but unique and interesting. If you want to learn more, feel free to talk to our 3D signage specialist.

Building Signs:

Building signs are highly versatile not only in terms of usage but also with production process. Wood, vinyl, metal, and plastic are some of the most common materials used, but we can fabricate them with other types of materials.

It heavily depends on the project’s scope and complexity. Speak with one of our seasoned signage specialists to get an approximate quote.

Yes, most municipalities compel entrepreneurs to secure sign permits before putting up any exterior building signage.

With proper maintenance, customized exterior building signs can last three to five years. However, signs manufactured from aluminum can last even longer since they are resistant to rust and dust.

Vehicle Wraps:

For standard vehicles, fleet wraps cost around $2100-$3000+. However, it still varies on the design, materials used, and unique labor required. Fleet for larger vehicles such as trucks and vans cost more. If you’re planning to invest in mobile billboards but don’t have an exorbitant budget, you can get away with partial fleet wraps. These are highly effective in boosting brand visibility and promoting your products or services as well.

Their average lifespan is about five to seven years. But if these are properly maintained and not often exposed to scorching weather conditions, vehicle wraps can last even longer.

Fleet or auto wraps involve covering your vehicles with hardwearing vinyl wraps. By converting your vehicles into mobile billboards, you’re maximizing their usage. These exhibit your brand’s personality and create a lasting impression even at a moment’s glance.

To maintain your wrapped vehicle’s quality, you should not clean it with automatic car washes, hot water, or products with acid or petroleum. We suggest that they be hand-washed with a non-abrasive cloth or soft sponge, a mild cleaning agent, and cold water every two weeks.

Cast vinyl is the most recommended material because of its durability and flexibility. This material is fantastic for wraps with intricate details because it can easily adjust to the contours of the car, van, boat, or other vehicles.

No, it doesn’t. We can remove fleet cast wraps without chipping off or causing other types of damage to the paint. In fact, full vinyl wraps act as another layer of protection to your paint from harsh weather conditions, minor scratches, and rusts.

With the right skills and tools, we can remove vinyl fleet wraps with ease. If you’re looking for professional fleet wrap removal services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Ceiling Signs:

Metal hooks are screwed on the ceiling to hang your signage. Heavier signs, on the other hand, need chains attached to the hooks for extra support. 

Metal drop ceiling clips are great for different types of signs, no matter how light or heavy it is, as long as it is adequately secured.

Yes, these cost-effective signs transform bare ceiling to create indoor spaces that are bright, inviting and more pleasing to the eyes. Ceiling graphics are perfect for solidifying your brand and making an excellent first impression with customers.

Reception Signs:

Lobby or reception signs welcome guests and customers as they enter your establishment. Besides showcasing your trademark and slogan, you can also provide wayfinding instructions, in-store guidelines, and other information you want clients to know.

It all depends on the design, size, and materials chosen. To learn more, speak to our signage specialist today.

Your brand’s personality and organization’s culture should shrine through in the final design output. In doing so, it will create a lasting impression of your company to your target audience.

We recommend metal laminate, acrylic, fabricated stainless steel, metal, formed plastic, or wood.

Wall Murals:

We recommend a minimum of 150 dpi. If you want to take your own photos, you must use a 12-megapixel camera at minimum.

For best results, we apply murals on smooth and even surfaces. However, we can also install them on surfaces such as grooved metal, brick, and concrete.

Yes, we can print graphics have digital files on textured wallpapers.

High-quality polyvinyl varnish applied on top of your wallpaper mural will protect it from small water damages and other liquid messes. Don’t forget to regularly dust-off your wallpapers to prolong their lifespan.

Using the highest temperature of a blow dryer, start at the corner of the mural. Once it’s warm to the touch, gently remove it at a 45-degree angle.

Arrange your panels in the correct order and mark the wall with straight lines. Apply the adhesive side of the murals from the corners, and make sure to smooth out the surface as you remove all the bubbles. Don’t forget to remove the excess adhesive with a sponge and warm water all over the wallpaper.

Dimensional signs:

The application of dimensional letters depends on your preferred mounting methods.

Exterior dimensional letters are a complex type of signage. Speak with our seasoned signage specialist to know more.

We highly recommend metal letters such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. If you prefer a more budget-friendly option that can withstand the outside elements, plastic is the perfect material for you.

The average production time for dimensional letter signs is one to two weeks.

Lobby Signs:

Lobby signs typically cost around $800-$1500 inclusive of professional design, fabrication, and installation. Illuminated lobby signs have a higher cost. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our lobby signage specialist today.

Digital displays are highly complex signs that have a lot of varieties. Thus, it would be best if you talk to one of our professional lobby specialists to get an idea.

We usually use acrylic on the signage’s face and metal mounds to raise it off the wall. To make the sign more showstopping, we attach LED lights at the back of each letter.

There should be a 1:2 ratio of the wall’s width. In other words, the lobby sign needs to cover half of the width of the wall to create a positive impact on your organization.

Awning Signs:

These typically vary between $500-$10,000, depending on your specific needs and objectives. To get a more detailed quote, call our awning signage expert today.

Awnings are multi-purpose storefront signs that get the public’s attention and cover your patrons from extreme sun or rain. Unlike other exterior building signs, we mount these above outdoor windows or patios.

Our signage experts will gladly accommodate all your questions regarding our intricate installation process. Call us today to learn more.

We fabricate our awnings using flexible polyvinyl and woven synthetic fabric. However, you want to reap the benefits of 24/7 marketing; we recommend a vinyl-coated backlit material since light can pass through it. Thus, illuminating the graphics and letterings of your signage.

Yes, vinyl-based polyester composite synthetic fibers are incredibly durable and water-resistant. However, other materials such as cotton do not repel water since the cold weather will eventually remove the waterproof coating.

Real Estate Signs:

These signs are strategically installed in congested or high traffic areas to gain a large number of impressions each day. We can also install commercial real estate signs outside a property to advertise your business effectively.

Dibond, coroplast, aluminum, Dura-Wood, and Alumite are some materials we commonly use for fabricating real estate signs.

First, we place and hammer a metal frame onto the ground to ensure the sturdiness of the signage. It is also considered the most crucial step. Second, we install the wooden post onto the frame. Next, we horizontally attach and secure the wooden frame on the vertical wood post. We then hang your signage from the post.

Showcase your company’s logo, name, and information. Don’t forget to include essential details about your branch or office such as contact number and address.

The cost of real estate signs varies on the materials used. Coroplast signs are around $20, whereas PVC and other more heavy-duty materials would be $40-$50 inclusive of the stake.

The standard sizes we offer are 4’x4′, 4’x6′, and 4’x8′.

Post and Panel Signs:

The metal frame is attached to the ground with the use of a post driver. Also, the metal frame should be 3 ½ feet into the ground to ensure the sturdiness of the signage. Once the metal frame is secured, a wooden post is installed to the metal frame using high-quality nails. We utilize the same process for the other metal post. But before doing so, the distance between the two metal signs need to be parallel or equivalent to the sign’s width.

The cost of post and panel signs vary on their sizes. Price starts at $400 for a basic sign and can reach up to $1500 for an 8-foot panel.

Give us a call, and we’ll happily explain to you our complex installation process.


We use low-temperature steam iron or blow dryer to take out the wrinkles gently. The tool is aimed at the non-printed surface until the creases flatten out.

Roll your vinyl banners on a cylindrical plastic tube or stiff cardboard. Never fold your banners; otherwise, they will crease.

Considering that we fabricate banners using PVC, it’s not possible to recycle them. However, you can reuse your banners and transform them into tarps and bags.

It is possible to hang banners without the need for holes. We insert a pole in the pockets to hang the signage.


The price of vinyl banners starts at $75. The costs can go higher depending on the type of grommets, materials, design, etc.