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Attention to detail is an essential characteristic of every successful company. Signs Unlimited believes that having expertly-designed, strategically-installed interior business signs reflects how much attention to detail your business gives.

Interior Signs for Business

Indoor signs are as equally crucial to your sign strategy as outdoor signs. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs invest most of their budget on exterior signs to boost brand visibility and increase foot traffic. Interior business signs let customers know that they entered the right establishment. It’s one thing to captivate new customers from outside, but it’s another thing to convince them to spend their money on your San Jose business.

Each signage type has a unique purpose. For example, reception signs welcome your guests, whereas menu boards showcase your products or services’ best qualities. Indoor signs are also fantastic for offices such as medical clinics, insurance companies, and law firms. Clients will be far more likely to trust your professional capabilities when they see high-resolution, informative signs that add value to their lives.

As industry experts, Signs Unlimited will help you choose the best indoor signage combination that suits your needs, goals, and available space. We provide a variety of signage types, materials, illumination options, finishes, and sizes.

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What is Indoor Signage?

Indoor signage can include a wide range of interior sign materials and options to achieve the look you want for your business. Often used are signs for interior designers that want to convey your brand as part of an elegant and functional office. These signs can serve many functional purposes as well. For example, an acrylic sign might be mounted next to a door as an elegant way to identify a department or employee.

What Are Some Interior Sign Materials Available?

Interior signs are made from a wide range of materials, each chosen to convey a specific appearance or serve a specific function. Some materials can be shaped or cut to fit your logo, while others need to be sturdy and able to take abuse in an industrial setting. There is a material for every one of these needs. Just a few types include:

Other types of interior sign materials include:

Uses of Indoor Signs

First and foremost, businesses in San Jose use interior signs to display and elevate their brand. A professional sign tells customers that your business or store is a quality organization. Other uses can be improved company culture through signs displaying the values of your business. They also provide information to visitors, like directions to different departments.

They are used in lobbies, hallways, doorways, and in fabrication or production areas. Trade show displays benefit from great interior signs as well.

Interior Sign Choices in San Jose, CA

Signs Unlimited is committed to delivering sign solutions that meet your standards. Here are some high-quality indoor signs we produce:

Signs Unlimited is a premier indoor sign company in San Jose. If you want to learn more about how Signs Unlimited can supercharge your company’s performance through top-quality indoor signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. One of our seasoned signage specialists will gladly accommodate your queries and give you an overview of our signage solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various types of interior signage. The most common include wayfinding signs, bathroom signs, emergency exit signs, lobby signs, and wall murals. All of these signs help both customers and employees have a better experience in the business they are interacting with.

An interior sign is signage located indoors. Interior signs include office door signs, wall graphics, directional arrow signs, and reception signs. They are important to indicate to people the location of everything from restrooms and conference rooms, to entrances and exits.

Indoor signs are typically made from acrylic, plastic, vinyl, foamcore, metal, or wood. These materials are used because they are lightweight, easy to work with, and cost-effective, but we can work with any material that is required. Speak to one of our sign experts today.

Acrylic signs are one of the most versatile sign materials available on the market today. They are affordable, easy to install, durable, and weather resistant. Acrylic is typically very thick compared to other signage options, which gives it a unique level of depth that many people prefer over other types of signs.

This is very dependent on where your sign is placed. In most cases, the life of the sign depends on how frequently it’s exposed to direct sunlight and other elements. For locations with more extreme weather, consider stronger material.

Most people are aware that local and state authorities have regulations concerning the type and location of outdoor signs. Some may not know certain indoor signs are subject to federal, state, and city-specific requirements. To avoid breaches, it’s best to consult a #1 San Jose indoor sign company that knows the local laws.

The appropriate times to replace an existing sign are when:

  • It’s in poor repair and looks shabby
  • It’s a hazard
  • Past experience has shown that it’s confusing to your clients or staff
  • It no longer serves its purpose
  • It’s no longer the best representation of your company image or branding.

The outdoor signage in front of a building is frequently cited as the most important, as it creates the visitor’s first impression of the company. However, not all businesses have the luxury of external signage, particularly in multiple occupancy buildings. Lobby and reception signs that convey the image you want the public to have of your firm are equally important. When it comes to effective branding, interior signs are just as vital.

Corrugated plastic, vinyl, and fabric are among the least costly internal sign materials and can be successfully used in many situations, e.g., as point of purchase signs or directional indoor signs. There are probably better materials for a lobby or boardroom sign. Using a cheaper material that gives the wrong impression can be a false economy.