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San Jose & Bay Area Sign Company

Top-Rated Sign Company in San Jose, CA

Business signs are crucial for every company. They help:

Signs Unlimited specializes in providing captivating, long-lasting, and vivid custom signs for businesses within and nearby San Jose, California. We’re not just your average San Jose sign shop. We are a full-service company that provides professional sign installation, consultation, fabrication, repair, and maintenance.

To invest in high-quality San Jose signs, contact 408-844-4756 today!

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Commercial Outdoor Signs Made in San Jose, CA

Premium Quality Custom Signs in San Jose, CA

If your business is within or around San Jose and needs effective signage solutions that respect your budget, Signs Unlimited can help meet your needs and demands. We utilize premium materials and state-of-the-art technology to produce superior quality indoor and outdoor signs consistently.

We pride ourselves on having a team of professionals who are experts in each of their fields. Our talented graphic artists transform your ideas and make them into reality while incorporating essential design details such as your branding requirements and the perfect size that suits your available space. On the other hand, our manufacturing team works hard to maintain the quality of all signs. Meanwhile, our professional installers carefully and meticulously apply your signage so that they are free of bubbles, scratches, ripples, stains, and other damages. Together, our San Jose dream team is capable of meeting or even exceeding your expectations.

As a full-service San Jose sign company, we take the time to fully understand your specific business needs, target market, and competitors. Conducting on-site evaluations is one way to determine which type of signs would add value to your San Jose business.


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Services for Custom Signage

Interior Signs

Indoor business signs support the expectations set by your exterior signs. Although it’s vital to incorporate your brand name and logo within the establishment, these signs mainly focus on promoting your products and services, boosting your customer service, and improving your overall ambiance. From wayfinding signs to lobby signs and everything in between, our local sign company in San Jose can do them all!

RSM Interior Custom Signs in San Jose, CA
AT&T Exterior Signs Made in San Jose, CA

Exterior Signs

Outdoor business signs represent your brand to the public. These need to be impressive and eye-catching to entice customers to enter your establishment and memorable so that they can easily recall your brand when they need a product or service you offer. To maximize their effectiveness, you can have them illuminated, so these can still be seen during low-light situations.

San Jose Custom Signs

Custom signs are crucial if you want your target market to recognize your brand from others easily. By incorporating your unique branding elements, your customers and clients are likely to have confidence in your products, services, and even employees because they will know that those are legitimate. Custom-made signs also complement your physical establishment, creating a harmonious ambiance that contributes to the overall customer experience.
Custom Made Signs in San Jose, CA
Heavenly Touch Van Wraps Made in San Jose, CA

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Convert your company vehicles into mobile billboards with vehicle decals and graphics. These are perfect for increasing your brand visibility to a broader audience for a fraction of the cost. Here at Signs Unlimited, we provide vehicle graphics, car wraps, vehicle decals and lettering for your company vehicles. These are not just limited to cars. As your San Jose sign maker, we can also do trucks, vans, boats, lawnmowers, golf carts, buses, and so much more.

Why Choose Signs Unlimited?

No sign company is created equal. It’s important to choose a sign maker that can satisfy your business needs in more ways than one. This is what Signs Unlimited can offer your business.

We are a full-service sign company that can design, create, and install high-quality sign solutions. Not only that, but our commitment to excellence is also our driving force to provide top-notch results. This is seen through:

Signs Unlimited also offers a wide selection of sign options to fulfill your signage requirements. Whether you need indoor signs, outdoor signs, or custom signage, our team can help. We want to be a one-stop shop for all your signage needs in San Jose.
Dimensional lettering Door Sign

Excellent Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Signs Unlimited has been serving San Jose and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our mission has stayed the same: to provide sign solutions through quality, professional service, and overall value.

Our years of experience in the sign industry have provided us with many opportunities to provide excellent customer service. We understand that our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we always strive to provide the highest level of service for our clients.

Ultimately, we don’t just want to supply your business with high-quality signs. We also want to be your partner in growing your company and achieving success.

Do you have an upcoming sign project? Partner with Signs Unlimited today and get the customer service that you deserve!

Your Reliable Sign Company “Near Me”

Have you wasted hours online searching for “best sign makers near me,” “hardwearing signs near me,” or “reputable sign shops in San Jose”? The search is over because Signs Unlimited is here for you. As your trusted San Jose sign company, we are committed to delivering the best signs and incomparable customer service from start to finish.

Are you ready to invest in durable, eye-catching, unforgettable, and high-quality commercial signs? Reach out to us today at 408-224-2800 to claim your free consultation with our seasoned signage expert. You surely don’t want to miss out on this!

The Signs Unlimited Creative Process

Learning Center

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A Guide to Effective Signage for Your Business

Signage plays a crucial role in running a successful business. It helps attract customers, boost your brand, and drive sales. Signs can also be a powerful marketing tool for delivering your message and leaving a lasting impression on your customers. How you can apply the right strategies and designs of signage is what we’ll explore in this blog. Read on!

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Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

The most basic definition of a sign is a display used to identify, promote, or communicate something like a store, a product, a command, a warning, or a direction. It serves as the first impression for a place of business and can tell a potential customer what type of business they will interact with. 

A sign company makes and sells custom-made signs for businesses, local events, and other commercial or residential applications. They create all types of exterior and interior signs, as well as help clients custom design the look. A good sign company is able to provide support for all of everything to do with signage of all types. 

There are many materials available to build a sign, and the best material depends on the design of your sign project. Some common materials include vinyl, metals such as aluminum, acrylic, wood, or even fabric. Consult with one of our sign specialists for recommendations on the best material for your sign project. 

Signs can take anywhere from a day to months to be made, depending on the type and size of the project. The development of a sign may take several steps. In addition to meeting with the customer and determining their wants, needs, and budget, a professional consultation will be necessary to obtain the correct specifications. Only then can the length of a project be determined. 

Our consultants ensure quality in their work by crafting a unique plan to meet your specific needs. When deciding which product is best suited for the sign location, we examine the environment it will be in and all other variables. Our team monitors the design and production process to verify project quality. 

The best way to get an estimate is by reaching out to us and speaking with one of our expert consultants. From there, we can provide you with a custom quote based on the details of your project. The exact price can vary from project to project, but please contact us today for more information. 

There are many options for a storefront sign, not to mention countless designs for other interior and exterior signs. The right sign for you will depend on where it will be installed and its function. If you are unsure what you should choose, please reach out to speak to one of our specialists today. 

A sign’s cost depends on its size and materials, your business budget, and personal preference. You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $20,000. This wide range is also because signs come in many different sizes and materials. If you are unsure what kind of sign is best for your business, consult a professional.

This is a common mistake that customers make, but it is an innocent one. At the surface level, there may be similarities, but not all signs companies are the same in San Jose. While many of them offer competitive services, the quality of service and product sets them apart. Don’t settle for a substandard sign. 

The kind of signage you invest in can make or break your brand. It is crucial to consider several factors before you put your money down with a signage company. Choosing the size, the type, and whether it is an indoor or an outdoor sign are all important factors to consider. If you are unsure of what you need, contact us for expert guidance today.