Building Signs

Getting ahead of the competition in San Jose means setting yourself apart and creating a fantastic first impression. Having the right signage is a great way to achieve this. As your outdoor space is your customer’s first point of contact with your business, a great building sign is important to make an impact. 

What are Building Signs?

Building signs are any type of sign that serves as visual communication for your business. They have the important job of drawing customers in and getting them interested in what you have to offer.

Custom building signs come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. When you need to enhance your space and revamp your brand, a new building sign should be among the first on your list.

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Types of Building Signs

The cost of building signs can be a cause for concern for some business owners. However, the many different options to choose from guarantee there is a perfect sign suited for your business needs. Let’s look at some options below:

One of the most popular options is channel letter signs. These building 3D letters are perfect for displaying your building name and brand logo. They offer a high level of customization, which can complement any outdoor space.

Illuminated Signs

A great way to stay top of mind in San Jose is to get visibility 24/7. This is highly possible with the help of lighted building signs. LED signs, for example, display your business name from daytime to sundown, getting more people to notice your building.

These are printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your window and outdoor wall spaces. Adding vibrant, attractive designs to your outdoor space is perfect for turning more heads your way.

Hanging and Blade Signs

Hanging and blade signs are attached directly onto your building’s wall and are usually positioned at the exact line of sight of anyone passing by. These are a great alternative to the usual commercial building signs as you can incorporate your brand name and logo on these.

Awning Signs

These exterior building signs are made of canvas or vinyl material that extends from your building windows and doors. You can add your business name and other important info on the design. It is a great way to advertise your business while giving much-needed shelter for your customers while they are standing outside your space.

Uses of Building Signs

There are plenty of ways building signage function to bring your more business success. One of the primary ways building signs function is building your business’s identity. According to research, nearly 60% of consumers are discouraged from visiting a business because of a lack of signage. Building sign letters tell customers that you are a reliable business in San Jose.

Giving an identity to your business means being able to build more awareness for your brand. This awareness is a great way for customers to remember your business when they need your products or services. This also allows customers to remember your business location.

Ultimately, building signs are your key to getting known and driving more people to your business.

Infocus Building Signs by Signs Unlimited

The Best Sign Company for Building Signs “Near Me”

Building signs are definitely a necessary addition when you want your business to grow. Signs Unlimited is a full-service building sign company that can help design, produce, and install your business signs. We offer various sign options that can satisfy your business and budget needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building signage conveys information about a business by using text and other symbols. Signage is used to identify the location, provide wayfinding, provide information and safety warnings, and for branding and marketing purposes. While the use of exterior signage is expected of any business, the concept expands to all aspects of a location, including monument signs and interior signage.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, any business must stand out from the clutter around it. If customers or prospects are looking for your location, you want to make it easy to find your space and get to it. Building a powerful brand includes addressing all aspects of dynamic and effective building signage.

Today’s materials and technologies allow a custom sign shop such as Signs Unlimited to offer you an unlimited choice of options between metal, acrylic, plastic, and other materials to fit your specific requirements. We will help you understand how the selection of materials is a balance between your desires, the objectives for the building’s signs, and your budget.

Just as there is a seemingly endless choice between materials for building signs, the types of building signs come in a wide spectrum. Depending on your needs, and any zoning or landlord restrictions, you can choose among channel letter signs, pole signs, window graphics, interior signs and graphics, and the type of lighting you desire for your building signs.

Every building sign should be designed and chosen based on any existing restrictions and zoning requirements first. Then, choosing the right scale and design will play a central role in choosing a size that best presents your brand and location.

The time it takes to construct a sign depends on the design and type of materials used. We will walk through your needs and expectations and decide on a timeframe that meets your requirements.

As with the time it takes to construct an exterior sign, the cost of that sign will depend on its size, design, and type of materials used. We are always able to help our clients settle on a size and cost that fits their budget as a long-term investment in quality branding.

We use a checklist at Signs Unlimited based on our long experience in designing and installing effective building signs. We start with any requirements and restrictions for your signs, then explore all the options available to meet your desires and budget. We like to say the first step in creating a quality sign is working with a quality sign company!

We build all our signs to meet your expectations for length of service and your budget. Some signs are designed for just a few weeks’ service, and others are long-term investments that deliver years of dependable service.

Today’s businesses have a wonderful selection of lighting options that provide the best in the presentation of your sign and message. From internal LEDs to external spotlights, we will help you understand the most effective way to light your signs.

To discuss any of the above items or to address anything you want to know about signs, just call or click and our experienced team at Signs Unlimited is ready to provide you with assistance for your specific needs.