Light Box Signs

Is your business located in a high-traffic area? Want to make sure your establishment is seen by your local community? Let your business in San Jose shine with eye-catching light box signs!

What are Light Box Signs?

Also known as sign cabinets, these are boxed signs used to promote your business name and logo. These are usually made with an aluminum frame and acrylic front face. They also come illuminated using energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Custom lightboxes are a popular choice for San Jose businesses. These signs can be mounted directly on the wall, projected from a building’s storefront, or added to an outdoor sign.

If you are looking for the right light box sign for your business, Signs Unlimited can help. We offer a variety of sign solutions that can make you stand out from the competition. Learn more about the cost of light box signs and other information by giving us a call today.

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Types of Light Box Signs

Here are the 2 main types of lightboxes:

The front faces of lightboxes are designed by adding cut translucent vinyl or printed vinyl adhesives. They can also have a painted finish. These are available in different types including, but not limited to:

Push-through acrylic signs are another popular light box sign for business. These create a unique halo effect on your sign that makes it more eye-catching, especially at night.

Uses of Light Box Signs

There is a reason for light box signs to be a common choice for San Jose businesses. These signs are great for branding and can be used for a variety of applications. Here are some of them:

Cost of Light Box Signs

The cost of lightboxes depends on a variety of factors. These include:

Installation is also included in the costs. For example, commercial light box signs that are mounted on walls are more affordable. Installing lightboxes on freestanding signs are more complex and thus can cost more.

Our sign experts always consult with our clients regarding their business and budget needs. We make sure to provide recommendations based on what fulfils your marketing goals.

The Best Light Box Signs “Near Me”

Make your business more visible to your target audience today. Invest in light box signs from Signs Unlimited! We deliver high-quality sign solutions for your business needs.

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