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Wayfinding and directory signs are essential for every business. A directory is usually one of the things customers look for when they enter your building. It helps them know where to go. This also makes each visit a more efficient one.

What are Directory Signs?

Directory signs are like a map of your business space. They help give visitors directions to different locations within your building or office. These are helpful for multi-level buildings. These signs help identify which offices can be found on which floors.
Directories may look pretty simple and standard. However, there are plenty of ways to customize office directory signs.

They can be made to match your entire business aesthetic. These can also be positioned either inside or outside of your building. It all depends on what works best for your business.

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Types of Directory Signs

Directories are crucial for any multi-tenant and multi-level building in San Jose. Businesses can create a more convenient experience for customers with a well-placed directory.

If you are a new business or wanting to upgrade your signs, you can consider these options:

  1. Building Directories

    This is your building’s main directional hub. It typically includes the various sections and levels of your building. You can find suite or room numbers and the various tenants displayed on these signs.
    This is your visitor’s general guide. You can usually find these by the entrance or in the lobby.

  2. Floor Directories

    These signs help customers find their way when they go to different building levels. These interior directory signs are usually positioned by the stairwells or elevators.
    Customers can usually find floor directories right when elevator doors open on each floor.

  3. Acrylic Directory Signs

    These are laser-cut acrylic boards that are easy to install and design. You can choose single, double, or multi-column inserts depending on the amount of information you need to display.
    Acrylic directory signs usually have changeable inserts. This makes it convenient for multi-tenant buildings to change the labels when needed.

  4. Metal/Aluminum Directory Signs
    These signs are ideal for displaying suites, room numbers, and the like. These are typically made from brushed silver aluminum, giving your sign a sleek and sophisticated look. The changeable slots make it easy to update your directory.
  5. Lighted Building Directory Board

    When you want your directory to be more eye-catching and attractive, lighted signs are a good option. These are typically made with acrylic, with LED lights installed from within to make the text and numbers pop.
    These are perfect for enclosed buildings or outdoor directories in San Jose, CA.

Business Directory Signs in San Jose, CA

Uses of Directory Signs

Some business owners think that the cost of directory signs is not worth the expense. However, directory signs serve a specific function that is valuable for any business. In the end, it is a worthwhile business investment in San Jose.

  1. Lobby directory signs provide useful business information, especially for first-time visitors. The moment they walk in, this sign helps them know exactly where to go. Customers avoid running around or having to look for someone for help if they have these signs.

  2. Looking for another way to create a professional image? Directories can boost your business space. A well-made sign lets customers know that you are a business that they can trust.

  3. Lastly, custom directory signs are a great opportunity to strengthen your brand. These are signs that customers often look for. Incorporating your brand theme enables you to build better brand familiarity for your business.

Custom Made Directory Signs in San Jose, CA

Here at Signs Unlimited, we offer high-quality building directory signs for the convenience of your customers and visitors. Our team always makes sure we assess your business and space in San Jose, CA. This helps us determine which signs work best for your business and budget needs.

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