Monument Signs

What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are freestanding signs strategically installed in spots that generate the most impact and impressions. Churches, universities, and corporate facilities in San Jose typically use these as entrance signs to display information about their company. Many entrepreneurs and organizations choose these signs because of their weather-resistance, longevity, and permanence.

Signs Unlimited is a top-rated monument sign manufacturer in San Jose, CA. We specially design and fabricate our custom monument signs according to your needs, expectations, goals, and budget. The cost of monument signs is steep compared to other commercial signs or architectural signs, which is why we always make sure to produce high-quality, hardwearing signs worth the investment.

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What Types of Monument Signs Are Available in San Jose?

What is a Monument Sign For?

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Signs Unlimited is your go-to place for all design and signage needs. As industry experts, we guarantee to provide exceptional quality signs and impeccable customer service. Whether you need apartment monument signs or multi-tenant monument signs, our San Jose team is ready to deliver solutions that meet your standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to imagine the impact a monument sign will have on your business. As you evaluate your options, consider these FAQs:

As with all signs, the ultimate cost is dependent on factors such as size, the materials used, and design. However, it is worth considering that a well-designed monument sign is not so much an expense as a long-term investment in quality branding for your business. Additionally, it is a one-time investment that pays dividends month after month.

Pylon signs are generally made of different materials and mounted high on one or more poles while monument signs are placed on the ground.

The time it takes to create a monument sign is again dependent on the design, the materials, and other considerations. Our team at Signs Unlimited will work with you to ensure your monument sign is created and installed following a timeline acceptable to you.

One of the most important benefits of an attractive monument sign is the role it plays in branding your business. Such signs communicate stability and quality. These signs also identify your business location and may provide directions. A well-executed monument sign helps you stand out from the clutter of other signs.

Most areas do require permits for monument signs. You can rely on the experienced sign makers at Signs Unlimited to help you walk through the permitting process with minimum hassle.

The life expectancy of a monument sign will depend on the type of materials used to construct it, the type of weather to which it is exposed, the maintenance provided, and related factors. Depending on those items, you can expect years of dependable service from a well-made monument sign.

Choosing the perfect materials for any sign, including monument signs, is always a balance between the design, purpose, materials chosen, and the budget you provide. This is where the experience of our team at Signs Unlimited comes into play in helping you choose the best choices for each of those considerations.

The perfect size for any sign is the size that achieves your specific messaging goals. While local requirements and zoning may define the limits of size, there are a lot of options to consider in determining the ideal size for your monument sign.

Most monument signs can benefit from basic repairs to many types of damage. However, we will help you evaluate all your options and the best choice between repairs, the type of repairs, and the possibility of replacement with an updated monument sign.

These are just a few of the many answers we can provide you concerning the use of monument signs for your business. Call or click today to discuss your specific signage needs; we’ll help you find all the answers you need.