Magnetic Signs

San Jose businesses are always looking for innovative yet affordable ways to get noticed. Cost-effective yet impactful sign solutions can be hard to come by. However, with magnetic signs, people are sure to take notice of your business.

What is a Magnetic Sign?

Magnetic signs are a unique yet impressive marketing tool. These are simple, convenient, and effective in getting you noticed in San Jose.

Custom magnetic signs are similar to vinyl signs as they are printed in durable vinyl material. However, they have a magnetic backside instead of an adhesive one.

Magnetic car signs are the most common use for these signs. These can be customized in different ways to showcase your design. The flexible and versatile vinyl material can also be cut depending on the size and shape you need.

Signs Unlimited offers a variety of sign solutions for your business needs. Our magnetic signs are top quality, making sure your target audience takes notice of your business. Contact us today when you need printed magnet signs or magnetic vehicle signs in San Jose, CA.

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Types of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Menu Boards

These are signs that allow you to change or add details through magnetic letters and characters. Restaurants and cafes occasionally change up their menu items. Magnetic menu boards let you change the menu without having to redo the entire sign.

Magnetic Lawn Signs

These are signs that can be added to wall plaques or yard stakes. Custom magnetic signs let you change up your lawn signs depending on your needs. This lets you use a single metal stake or wall plaque in different ways.

Magnetic Car Signs

These are the most popular magnetic sign type. Custom car magnets are a practical way to add a business name and logo to different vehicles.

These are often used in place of vehicle graphics and decals. Because the cost of magnetic signs is low, many San Jose businesses choose this instead. They work the same as vehicle graphics, generating valuable daily impressions for your business.

There is a magnetic sign that is right for your vehicle’s needs. Here are a few examples:

Uses of Magnetic Sign

Magnetic signs may seem like a simple sign solution. However, they are versatile and can fulfil a lot of your business requirements.

Before searching for magnetic car signs “near me,” check out the ways you can use them for your business:

Top-Rated Magnetic Signs “Near Me”

Magnetic signs are a versatile sign solution worth considering for your San Jose business. Not sure where to start? Let Signs Unlimited help you out!

We are a full-service sign company that delivers high-quality signs for your various business needs. We help design and create signs that reflect your business and make you stand out.

Whether you need a single magnetic sign or a set of signs for your fleet, we’re happy to assist you! Contact us today and get a FREE quote on your signage needs.