Channel Letters

What is a Channel Letter?

Channel letter signs are among the most popular marketing tools used by entrepreneurs because of their attractiveness, customization options, versatility, and durability. Storefront channel letters are great for putting your brand’s best foot forward. With the right design elements and placement, these give your establishment an advantage over competitors in San Jose.

Signs Unlimited is a leading channel letter sign manufacturer in San Jose, California. Whether you’re revamping your old signage or you’re opening a new store, shop, office, or facility, Signs Unlimited will help you supercharge your company’s performance through high-quality custom channel letters. If you’re interested to learn more about our sign solutions or the cost of channel letters, don’t hesitate to reach out to our San Jose team today.

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Types of Channel Letters

When it comes to illuminated or LED channel letter signs, we offer several options for you to choose from:

Uses of Channel Letters

Signs Unlimited provides storefront signs to businesses throughout San Jose, CA, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for advertising signs or commercial signs, our team will design, create, and install business signage to your specifications. Learn more about the different types of storefront signs that can help you grow your customer base.

Storefront Signs

The storefront signs outside your business promote your brand and draw attention to your business. As such, they are crucial in developing your brand, increasing foot traffic, and ensuring that people can find your establishment day or night.

Signs placed on your storefront convey a sense of what shoppers and customers will find. They typically incorporate your store’s name and logo, for instance. These signs facilitate customer discovery and aid in business promotion.

LED Channel Letters

LED channel letters ensure that the sign can be seen from a distance, day or night, as LEDs illuminate each character. Aluminum, lightweight and durable, is often used for LED channel letters. It withstands the elements exceptionally well, maintaining its original look through heat, snow, rain, and strong winds.
Although utilized frequently in the restaurant sector, LED channel lettering can work well for all businesses that want eyes on their brand after dark. An eye-catching illuminated LED channel letter sign can be especially beneficial for pubs, bars, grills, convenience stores, and gas stations.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are often the first thing potential customers notice about your business. What does your current outdoor signage say about your organization? Getting your business name in front of as many drivers and walkers as possible can increase traffic to your store. It is also used to display menu information, upcoming sales, new items, and general promotions.

Advertising Signs

We can design and create signs that promote your products or services. For maximum impact, you can choose neon signs that grab the attention of customers interested in what you have to offer. Signs are used in advertising to identify your business name, products and services, and other essential information. Humorous, artistic, and interesting advertising signs can generate buzz about your company.

Commercial Signs

Commercial signs are any signs that identify a company that is either on-site or off-site from the sign’s location. They market products, goods, or services. These signs are typically simple, perhaps only containing the business name. The font, color, size, and placement of commercial signs impact how effective they will be in drawing customers. Our design team can help you create a unique sign that builds interest in what you do.

Signs For Malls and Retail

Signage is a critical component of malls and retail establishments. It significantly affects the property’s appeal and traffic in addition to its appearance. Making a good first impression is crucial because storefront signage is sometimes the first thing a potential consumer notices about your business. Attractive signs for malls and retail may entice customers to your business. It helps customers understand the goods and services you provide and what to anticipate from your business. We can help you stand out from other businesses in the mall or shopping plaza!

Side Illuminated Signs

These signs emit artificial light and include billboards, exhibit signage, and other signage that use an internal light source. Depending on your area, the amount of brightness and other aspects of lit signs are typically governed by local building and sign codes.

Contact our team at Signs Unlimited to find out what type of storefront signs would best impact your business. 

Signs Unlimited: Your Partner for Channel Letters in San Jose, CA

Signs Unlimited provides exceptional quality channel letters that are hard to forget, even at a moment’s glance. Claim your free consultation today with one of our channel letter experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Channel letter signs are typically made of plastic or metal in the shape of letters or other symbols. The letters are usually lit internally for greater exposure. Panels can also be adorned with 3D letters, known as dimensional letters. The channel letter can be any number, letter, or character that appears on the sign. 

In reverse channel letters, which are also known as Halo-lit channel letters, individual letters light up from the back of the letter and shine onto the wall behind. It creates a soft glow, and this provides a comforting ambiance for the front of a business. The face, the back, the return, and the lighting are the primary elements of reverse channel letters. 

The cost of a channel letter sign depends on the exact requirements for your sign. That said, they can be a very affordable option because they have a long lifespan and they are an integral part of your business. Contact us today with your sign ideas, and we can provide more specific pricing for your project. 

As channel letter signs are diverse, so are the materials that go into their making. Acrylic and polycarbonate sheets are often used for creating the front of the channel letter signs. Metal is also commonly used for the dimensional aspects of the sign. That said, the best material for your channel sign depends on the other variables of your project. 

Channel letters are incredible tools for marketing your business. They come in many types, including halo-lit channel letters, standard front-lit channel letters, front and backlit channel letters, and open-face channel letters. All of these types are fantastic, but choosing between them is dependent on your specific business needs. 

Raceways are rectangular mounting structures for signage that serve as enclosures for electrical signage components (such as transformers) and wiring. Many property owners may require raceway Channel letters. An aluminum wireway, in contrast, is a slimmer enclosure and mounting structure. They are both used for mounting channel letters and improving the installation process. 

Acrylic is known for its durability. Unlike glass, rigid plastic does not break easily and is resistant to all kinds of weather, making it a perfect material for outdoor and indoor signage. Acrylic is a durable and versatile plastic material known for transparency and smooth finish. Due to its long lifespan, sign-making companies, such as Signs Unlimited, use acrylic frequently to create products for clients. 

We have been designing custom indoor, outdoor, and building signage for years. Our biggest goal is to ensure that we offer our customers the best solutions when it comes to the personal or business signage they need. We can offer you the best sign solution based on your budget. You can give us a call and speak to one of our team members for more information on our quantity discounts. 

Illuminated channel letters can certainly last outside, and they are designed to last against exposure to all types of weather. Channel letters are made from durable materials with careful consideration in design to ensure a long lifespan for customers. The exact duration of a channel letter sign will depend on a variety of factors such as materials, placement, and other design elements. 

Our turnaround time is some of the best in the industry. However, it is important to note that our completion times may vary based on the customization that goes into your sign. Their size and the number of signs you require will also determine the deadline. We can provide more specific turnaround times after a short consultation with our team of experts.