Wayfinding Signs

One of the more important services you can provide customers who are seeking to do business with you is to make that as easy as possible. Wayfinding signs play an important role in helping customers find your location. They are also useful within your spaces to help direct customers and visitors in a professional and efficient manner.
If you are considering the use of wayfinding signs in San Jose, you will find the highly experienced team at Signs Unlimited ready to provide guidance and creative insights.

What is Wayfinding Signage?

As the name implies, wayfinding signs are specially designed signs to provide directions and help your San Jose customers and visitors find their way. These signs are often important for the exterior of your business but are equally useful when customers are in your spaces. Certain wayfinding signs are also dictated by ADA requirements.

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Types of Wayfinding Signs & Uses for Wayfinding Signs

You will find a great variety of choices for effective wayfinding signs for both exterior and interior applications. For certain outside directional signs, your landlord or other regulations may limit you to a specific style and size. Customers and visitors appreciate it when you take the time to keep them aware of their surroundings.

Effective wayfinding signs also help prevent interruptions of workers when asked for directions.

The general types and uses of wayfinding signs include:

Custom wayfinding signs will serve a double purpose when you use them for additional branding and use of your preferred colors and designs. Even those signs specified by regulatory requirements can often be enhanced with a creative touch.

Printable wayfinding signs are an excellent way to provide needed temporary or promotional signage while maintaining a branded appearance.   

You will find that the cost of wayfinding signs is a function of the type of sign, its size, and the type of materials used for its construction. However, a well-designed wayfinding sign is a one-time investment that delivers long-term returns and ongoing efficiencies.

Wherever you are in San Jose, you will find wayfinding signs near you that make your journeys more pleasurable and hassle-free. When you contact our team at Signs Unlimited with one call or click, we will help you provide your customers and visitors with a similar experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wayfinding sign is a type of sign that is used to provide directional guidance to people who are trying to find their way around a particular area. This can be anything from a large building or campus to a smaller office complex or even just a single room. Wayfinding signs usually include basic information about the location they are pointing to, such as the name of the building or the room number. They may also have more specific information such as a map or a list of landmarks.

Wayfinding signs are essential because they help people to navigate their way around unfamiliar environments. This can be especially useful for people who are new to an area or for those who have difficulty orienting themselves. Signs that are easy to read and understand can make a big difference in helping people to find their way around.

Some examples of wayfinding are:

  • A sign that points the way to the nearest exit in a building
  • A sign that indicates the location of the restrooms
  • A sign that gives directions to the closest parking lot
  • A sign that provides information about where to find the elevators
  • A map that shows the layout of a building or campus

Signage is a general term that refers to any sign. Wayfinding is a specific type of signage used to provide directional guidance.

A good wayfinding system is easy to understand and use. The signs should be legible and marked, and they should be placed in strategic locations. The system should also be consistent throughout the entire area.

People who are new to an area or have difficulty orienting themselves can benefit the most from wayfinding signage. This sign can help them find their way around and make life much easier.

There are many different types of signs that can be used in wayfinding. Some common examples include directional signs, informational signs, and map signs.

Directional signs provide people with information about getting from one place to another. These signs usually include arrows or other symbols that indicate the direction of travel.

Informational signs provide people with information about the location of specific places. For example, these signs might include the name of a building or room or give directions to the nearest exit.

Map signs provide people with a visual representation of the area. These signs can be very helpful for people who are new to an area or who have difficulty orienting themselves.

Signs Unlimited is a leading provider of wayfinding signage. We have years of experience helping people to navigate their way around unfamiliar environments. Our signs are legible and marked, and they are placed in strategic locations. We also offer a wide variety of sign types to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

No, not all wayfinding signs need to be ADA compliant. However, many businesses choose to make their signs ADA compliant to make them more accessible to people with disabilities. ADA-compliant signs are designed to meet the specific needs of people with vision or hearing impairments. Work with an experienced sign company like Signs Unlimited to ensure your ADA requirements are met.

The cost of wayfinding signs varies depending on the size, type, and quantity of signs. Contact us for a free quote.