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One of the more important services you can provide customers who are seeking to do business with you is to make that as easy as possible. Wayfinding signs play an important role in helping customers find your location. They are also useful within your spaces to help direct customers and visitors in a professional and efficient manner.
If you are considering the use of wayfinding signs in San Jose, you will find the highly experienced team at Signs Unlimited ready to provide guidance and creative insights.

What is Wayfinding Signage?

As the name implies, wayfinding signs are specially designed signs to provide directions and help your San Jose customers and visitors find their way. These signs are often important for the exterior of your business but are equally useful when customers are in your spaces. Certain wayfinding signs are also dictated by ADA requirements.

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Types of Wayfinding Signs & Uses for Wayfinding Signs

You will find a great variety of choices for effective wayfinding signs for both exterior and interior applications. For certain outside directional signs, your landlord or other regulations may limit you to a specific style and size. Customers and visitors appreciate it when you take the time to keep them aware of their surroundings.

Effective wayfinding signs also help prevent interruptions of workers when asked for directions.

The general types and uses of wayfinding signs include:

Custom wayfinding signs will serve a double purpose when you use them for additional branding and use of your preferred colors and designs. Even those signs specified by regulatory requirements can often be enhanced with a creative touch.

Printable wayfinding signs are an excellent way to provide needed temporary or promotional signage while maintaining a branded appearance.   

You will find that the cost of wayfinding signs is a function of the type of sign, its size, and the type of materials used for its construction. However, a well-designed wayfinding sign is a one-time investment that delivers long-term returns and ongoing efficiencies.

Wherever you are in San Jose, you will find wayfinding signs near you that make your journeys more pleasurable and hassle-free. When you contact our team at Signs Unlimited with one call or click, we will help you provide your customers and visitors with a similar experience.