San Jose Real Estate Signs

Being successful in the real estate industry of San Jose begins with creating a great first impression. No other market has one of the fiercest competitions than in real estate. It is crucial that you establish yourself as a trusted player in the industry.

Creating a great first impression starts with having the best signs to promote your property listings. Whether you need signs for properties for sale or for lease, Signs Unlimited can provide real estate sign post installation that will put you on the map.

What is a Real Estate Sign?

Real estate signs are primarily any signage that helps advertise listings for commercial or residential properties. These signs allow you to put out important information that can attract not only interested buyers but sellers as well.

A real estate investment is one of the biggest ventures one can make in San Jose. Real estate signs can help show buyers and sellers that you are a professional and legitimate company. Buyers and sellers alike will feel confident about entrusting you with their investments.

The rewards you get in the long run for real estate signs mean that they pay for themselves. Having a professional sign maker such as Signs Unlimited produce your signs shows buyers how serious you are about your business.

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Types of Real Estate Signs

Signs Unlimited offers a wide selection of realtor signs that ensure you get the best visibility in San Jose. Here are the more common options:


A-frames, or “sandwich board signs,” are great at drawing attention. These are often used for open house signs or real estate event signs. A-frames are reusable and portable, making them convenient for realtors to bring along to multiple events.


These are H-shaped wire frames that are often used as temporary signs. H-frames are lightweight, perfect for holding up plastic signs that can easily attract motorists and passersby to open house events.


Also called colonial posts, these are often made of wood with a suspended hanging sign. These real estate sign posts are commonly seen on residential properties for sale, usually containing the realtor’s name and contact details.

Banners and Flags

Banners or feather flags are usually fabric flags attached to a tall, flexible frame. These are hard to miss when passing by, making it the best option for grabbing attention from a distance. Flags are also easily customized by printing any type of design on the fabric of your commercial signs.

Vinyl Window Clings

These vinyl, non-adhesive signs can be used on glass surfaces. Window clings are perfect to use on large windows of commercial spaces for rent or sale.

Uses of Real Estate Signs

Commercial real estate signs are essential in establishing your place in the industry. These are used to identify who the realtor is. This is important for buyers and sellers alike to know who to contact should they need more information on the listing.

Custom real estate signs are also great for sending out important messages. Signs can help interested buyers know if it is a commercial or residential property and if it is for sale or for lease. These can also be used to show if the listing is still available or is already sold.

The Best Real Estate Signs Manufacturing Company Near You

If you have ever searched for real estate sign post installation in San Jose, you have come to the right place. Signs Unlimited is a full-service sign company that can assist you with all your real estate sign needs. We will work with you through the entire sign making process, from design to installation and maintenance. Our team only uses the best materials to produce high-quality products that last.

Create a great impression through real estate signs in San Jose! Speak to our signage experts today, and get a free quote.