Best Custom Decals for San Jose Businesses

What is Custom Decal?

Custom decals are cut vinyl adhesives that can be applied to almost any smooth surface. They can be colored, printed, and cut into different shapes and forms.

These vinyl decals are effective in enhancing any space or surface. Whether indoors or outdoors, these can help you with branding, advertising, and more. San Jose businesses that need a quick and easy sign solution choose decals for various areas in their facility.

If you are looking for high-quality custom decals in San Jose, Signs Unlimited can help! We offer a wide range of design, vinyl material, and finish options to fulfill your business needs. Learn more about our product offerings and the cost of decals by giving us a call today.

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Types of Decals

Our team at Signs Unlimited is always on top of providing solutions for your San Jose business. We have available options whether you need custom stickers for practical or decorative purposes.

Uses of Decals

Decals are a quick and easy way to add details to your vehicles, stores, and office spaces. They can be used in many different ways to help your business. Here are a few of them:

Custom Wall Decals for Office in San Jose, CA

Impactful Decals Made in San Jose, CA

Successful sign solutions don’t always have to be grandiose. Simple yet impactful signs like decals can be effective in your business’s success.

For your decal and graphic needs, let Signs Unlimited help! We are a vinyl decals printing company in San Jose that offers high-quality decals for your business.

Our team helps design, produce, and install decals that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Decals are a type of adhesive that can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, and wood. They are often used for decorative purposes but can also be used for functional purposes such as providing instructions or identifying a product. Decals can be made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, and cloth.

The terms decal and sticker are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. Decals are made from a thicker material and have a stronger adhesive, making them more durable and resistant to weather and wear. Stickers, on the other hand, are made from thinner materials and have a weaker adhesive, making them more suitable for temporary use.

Decal printing is a process whereby decals are printed onto a substrate using a specialized printer. The most common type of decal printer is the inkjet printer, which uses inkjet technology to print the decals onto the substrate. Other types of decal printers include thermal transfer printers and laser printers.

Decals are made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, and cloth. The type of material used will depend on the intended use of the decal. For example, decals that will be exposed to weather or wear need to be made from a more durable material such as vinyl. Decals that will be used for temporary purposes can be made from a less durable material such as paper.

Vinyl decals can be removed, but they should be removed by an experienced sign expert to avoid damaging the surface they are applied to. Decals made from other materials such as paper can be easily removed without damaging the surface.

Custom decals can be applied in a variety of ways, depending on the type of decal and the surface it will be applied to. For example, vinyl decals can be applied using an adhesive or they can be heat pressed onto the surface. Paper decals can be applied using an adhesive or they can be wet mounted onto the surface.

Yes! The material we use to make decals are water-resistant which makes them an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor posting.

Vinyl is the term for the material that decals are made of. There are different types of vinyl signs which function differently from decals, and one is not necessarily better than the other. Partner with an experienced sign company like Signs Unlimited to find which would be best for your business.

The best way to apply a decal to a car window is to use an adhesive. Apply the adhesive to the back of the decal and then place the decal on the window. Use a squeegee to smooth out any bubbles. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before driving the car.

Vinyl stickers can last for years if they are applied properly and taken care of. However, vinyl stickers that are exposed to sunlight or extreme weather conditions will not last as long.

For any questions about decal installation, contact our team today!