Cabinet Signs for San Jose Business

Every business in San Jose can benefit from impressive signage. This is how customers can identify your business. Building your business identity is crucial for improving your sales and profit.

Eye-catching sign options come in different shapes and forms. However, some signs impress customers more than others. One example of this is cabinet signs in San Jose, CA. 

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Also known as box signs, cabinet signs are illuminated signs that display your business name and logo. They are usually mounted on a building’s front face, projected from the wall, or hung from the ceiling. These can also be attached to freestanding signage like a monument or pylon sign.

Lightbox signs are internally lit using energy-efficient LED bulbs. This makes your sign, and your San Jose business, visible at any time of the day.

These are typically square or rectangular in shape. However, custom cabinet signs are also available in various shapes to create an eye-catching three-dimensional signs.

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Types of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs can be customized and are available in different options. No need to worry about the cost of cabinet signs, as there is sure to be an option fit for your business.

Uses of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are a useful and effective sign option that a lot of San Jose businesses choose. Here are some ways they can function to help your business:

Commercial Lightboxes in San Jose, CA

Looking for the Best Cabinet Signs “Near Me?”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinet signs are big box signs that light up. They are outdoor signs mounted on storefronts or poles. There are two types of cabinet signs: ones that get lit up from one side and double-sided cabinet signs.

The cost depends on the size, design, and type of cabinet sign you want. We calculate the cost per square foot. The final product will cost anywhere between $3,000-$10,000.

Cabinet signs are big, so you can see them from far away. They also light up, which brings more attention to them. As well, if you choose to get a double-sided cabinet sign, people will see them from both directions. They can be designed in customized shapes, or you can get a hinged frame cabinet sign, which allows you to change posters and message boards.

It will cost around $2,000 to install a cabinet sign. The price varies depending on the size and the labor involved.

Cabinet signs are made out of aluminum. The sign face can be made out of either acrylic, poly carbon, or flex face. There are also LED or fluorescent lights installed inside the cabinet.

Extruded cabinets are the frames of the cabinet signs, which can be crafted to a custom depth, but are typically designed for depths of 6 or 10 inches.

Giant aluminum logs (also called billings), which range in different length diameters, are fed into a giant oven and heated up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, making them malleable. The log is then sheared and fed into an extrusion press where 3000 tons of pressure squeezes the aluminum, forcing it to take the shape of the steel die it is being pushed through.

Cabinet signs are great for businesses because of their visibility. They light up, which allows everyone to see them at night. Double-sided cabinet signs are placed on poles, usually near the road, which is great for business because people driving both ways can see them easily. Since they are big, they are hard to miss.