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Business owners are always on the lookout for marketing tools that are worth investing in. There are plenty of signage options to choose from. However, there are only a few that offer the versatility and flexibility that some businesses need. Vinyl signs are one of those signs, and Signs Unlimited is your top vinyl sign maker in San Jose, CA.

What is a Vinyl Signage?

Vinyl signs are an extremely versatile sign type. Vinyl material can be adhered to most smooth surfaces, making it applicable to a lot of sign solutions.

Vinyl signage can also be digitally printed on. This allows for a vast array of design options to choose from. Customizing vinyl signs are made easier as these can be cut into any form, shape, and size.

If you ever have to search for “vinyl sign makers near me,” don’t fret. Signs Unlimited can provide your vinyl sign printing needs in San Jose, CA. Contact our team today to ask about the various vinyl sign options you can choose from!

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Types of Vinyl Signs

Because of their versatility, vinyl signs can be used in a lot of various applications. Here are the most common ones that a vinyl sign shop in San Jose can do:

Window Graphics and Decals

Window surfaces are a great way to use vinyl graphics on. These are useful when you want to draw attention to your windows with important messages or promotional materials. Vinyl stickers are also a great way to make use of empty window spaces and turn them into valuable marketing tools.

Wall and Floor Graphics

Vinyl signs are a great way to turn blank walls and floor space into branding and advertising materials. You can have anything digitally printed on vinyl. Promote new products or services through vinyl wall graphics. Use vinyl floor graphics as wayfinding signs. The list is endless.

Vehicle Wraps

One of the best applications for vinyl signs is on vehicles. Vinyl vehicle wraps are a great way to get more visibility in your local San Jose market. Generate thousands of impressions daily while your company vehicles are out and about doing business.

Uses of Vinyl Signs

With the number of vinyl sign options to choose from, it is perfect for a variety of uses. Because of the easy way you can print on vinyl, sending out promotional messages has been more convenient. Vinyl signs are one of the more versatile ways to advertise your business using walls, windows, floors, and even vehicles.

Vinyl decals are also great to use for wayfinding. Easily guide your customers around your space through vinyl wayfinding signs on floors and walls.

Lastly, vinyl signs are great for increasing privacy within your space. Use vinyl on glass walls and windows to limit visibility. These are great for buildings or offices that handle sensitive information and transactions such as clinics and financial institutions.

Top Vinyl Signs “Near Me”

You no longer need to put on a search for available vinyl printing near me. Signs Unlimited is a team of expert sign makers that can produce high-quality vinyl signs for your business needs.

Talk to our vinyl sign representatives today, and let us get you started on the best marketing venture for your San Jose business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl is a versatile material and can be made to adhere to any smooth surface. These signs are an excellent solution for businesses. Signs made from vinyl can be customized in any shape, size, and form.

Generally, a good, customized vinyl sign will last 3 to 5 years if it is properly maintained. Speak with one of our signage experts to find out how best to care for your vinyl signs.

Signs, decals, and most solid surface projects use adhesive vinyl. A solid surface is any material such as cars, glass, windows, and walls. Adhesive vinyl comes in two types, so be sure you choose the right kind for your project. There are permanent and removable adhesive types of vinyl.

Vinyl prints do fade and crack over time, but they last quite long before they do so. A lifecycle can range from up to 50 washes for five years or longer. Some factors can decrease the lifespan of vinyl such as harsh sunlight or inclement weather.

The adhesive on permanent vinyl is much stronger. These signs are designed to withstand the test of time and are typically used for permanent fixtures.

In general, properly maintained custom vinyl signs should last for three to five years. Vinyl signs should only be left outdoors for as long as they are needed. When displayed for an extended period, your vinyl signs must be protected from the elements as best as possible to help them last.

As vinyl signs are custom-made and cut for your business, the cost will vary. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to speak with one of our signage experts and request a free quote.

If you’re curious about our prices specifically, we offer a free quote that you can utilize by simply filling out our form online. We require just a few minor details to see how we can best serve you.

Yes, they are. All vinyl materials we use are waterproof. Therefore, they can be displayed outdoors for many years if you properly care for them. 

While there are several brands of vinyl, three major manufacturers of vinyl films are Avery Dennison®, Orafol (also known as ORACAL®), and 3M™.