Custom Wall Decals for Business

Why Wall Decals Are So Popular in Offices

Want to spruce up your business or office space? Wall decals are one of the most popular and non-permanent solutions that can change the appearance of your location for a variety of reasons. Plus, they are easy to install and take down at a moment’s notice, so wall decals are a convenient way to do this. 

A wall decal is basically the same thing as wall graphics. At Signs Unlimited, we offer a variety of innovative signs with customizable graphics, colors, and sizes. Here are some reasons we’ve found that wall decals are so popular in offices right now, and why you might want to liven up your company’s office space with some as soon as possible. 

The Material That Makes Up This Type of Sign

These types of signs for offices are vinyl wall signs since they are made of a special type of durable vinyl or plastic material. They are easy to clean and will enhance your office space. If you want something even bigger in signage, you can always go with wall wraps, which encompass an entire wall like a large mural. A wall decal is much smaller in size but can still have a big impact on the wall of an office area or lobby space. 

Office Wall Graphics Promote Company Culture

Having a wall graphic up in different places around the office is going to promote a positive work culture. Different colors and patterns can create a more pleasing look for your professional environment that will promote creativity and make anyone who comes into that office feel more welcome. Keep in mind that ambiance is a major factor in sprucing up work areas to make employees feel happier and more productive. 

Customers Respond to Great Decor 

If there are areas of the business that are open to the public, these wall logo signs will let the customers know more about your company as a whole. They will appreciate the decoration and style that these vinyl wall signs will bring to the overall aesthetic. Using logos and different eye-catching colors will state what your company is all about to your desired clientele.  

It Can Be a Form of Visual Advertising

When you have a wall decal that is promoting something specific coming up for your company that changes seasonally, it’s a perfect advertising tool. Having a well-designed sign system can bring more recognition and approachability to your brand. Sometimes seeing an effective ad or tagline in wall graphics is more impactful than any social media marketing you do. It shows that your brand knows what it is and what it stands for. 

At Signs Unlimited, let us customize the perfect signage for your office or company store. You’ll love what each sign will do to enhance your space in every way, making it vibrant and professional. Give us a call today to contact us for a free quote on your sign project.