Custom Blade Signage for Business

Why a Retail Store Needs Storefront Signage

Although more shoppers may be buying online, plenty of consumers still enjoys brick-and-mortar storefronts. In fact, the internet is full of suggestions on how to drive traffic to your storefront from your online store. Online marketplaces such as Wix or Shopify have articles to help their online merchants bring customers to their stores.

However, retailers need to ensure that their physical stores are as up-to-date and well-maintained as their virtual ones. Retail spaces should be fun, maybe with an element of surprise. Merchants can connect with shoppers with a well-designed space with easy to read signage. Even a little sidewalk or curbside sign can add a little extra to the shopping experience.

At Signs Unlimited, we design and maintain indoor and outdoor signs. We can fabricate custom signs that reflect your brand. From lighted storefront signs to simple door decals, Signs Unlimited has the expertise to create perfect custom storefront signs for your retail establishment. 

Blade Signs

Blade signs are mounted perpendicular to the exterior or interior wall. They protrude from the wall and can be viewed from both sides, making them visible from all directions. They are excellent retail store signs for outside the store because there are multiple options such as:

  • Stationary signs
  • Lighted signs
  • Vertical and horizontal signs
  • Swinging signs

Not only can blade signs be made from different materials but they can also be used to direct foot traffic or gain visibility as they are elevated, making them easier to see.

Channel Letter Signs

These signs are made of plastic or metal in the shape of letters, numbers, or symbols. They may be lighted or include 3D or dimensional lettering. Their versatility makes them a perfect solution for any retail store. Use channel letters to show your logo or display a symbol reflecting your brand. 

Channel lettering signs have several options when it comes to lighting, such as:

  • Halo Lit. The light shows through the inside of the letters to the edges, outlining each character or symbol.
  • Standard Lit. Each letter has an LED inside that highlights the face of the lettering, which may appear in different colors.
  • Open Face. These letters use aluminum sides and backs to shape the letters without using a front panel. The letters are illuminated using neon.

No matter the type of sign, lighted storefront signs attract consumers even after hours, helping to establish brand recognition.

Window Graphics

Window graphics or film are made with an adhesive-backed vinyl film that attaches to the glass. These glass-friendly designs can be customized to highlight your brand or serve as screens to create a sense of privacy in a retail space. They can be simple designs that list store hours or intricate designs that add a touch of artistry to your store. 

Custom window graphics come in a variety of styles:

  • Full window wraps are made of a film that covers the entire window without blocking a view of the outside.
  • Decals and lettering are vinyl stickers that can be arranged in different designs to communicate critical information such as store hours.
  • Window clings do not use adhesives, but static, to cling to glass surfaces. These window graphics are perfect for promotions or seasonal displays.

Retailers can use their storefronts as an advertising tool to attract shoppers.

Retail Store Signs

Signs Unlimited specializes in custom storefront signs. Our team of experts can help you design signage that reflects your brand. We will make and install your signs to your satisfaction. If you are located in the San Jose area, contact Signs Unlimited to help your retail store attract more shoppers.