Quest Office Lobby Signs in San Jose, CA

What is a Lobby Sign & Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Create a memorable impression the moment a customer walks in is important for any business. This can build a positive business perception early on that paves the way for better customer relationships. One guaranteed way to create a memorable impression is through lobby signs.

What are Lobby Business Signs?

Lobby signage includes any signs and graphics within your lobby or reception area. These often include the company name and logo, plus any additional details such as a business tagline.

Various sign types can be used as lobby or reception signs. Acrylic signs are most common, along with dimensional letters and wall graphics. Lighting options such as spotlights or LEDs to create a more eye-catching sign.

Is Lobby Signage Important for Your Business in San Jose, CA?

While outdoor signs greet customers and invite them into your space, indoor signs, such as signs for your lobby, welcome customers in, these can reinforce your outdoor messaging and allow customers to understand your brand.

When you are located inside a multi-tenant facility, office lobby signs tell clients that they have reached the right place. This is important so as to save time and avoid confusion. Imagine walking into a space without signage and giving out personal customer information. Prevent any frustration and privacy issues from occurring with effective lobby business signs.

Branding is an integral part of any business. While outdoor signs introduce your brand to the public, lobby custom signs reinforce your brand to clients and visitors alike. Your unique lobby design tells customers who and what you are as a business. This can also allow customers to remember your brand even when they step out of your space.

Office lobby signs also give you the opportunity to tell your story. Some like to include their company history as well as display some business accolades. This contributes to a more positive customer impression. Moreover, telling your story allows you to tell customers that you are a trustworthy and legitimate business.

The Best Lobby Signage

Here are some tips to consider when making signs for your lobby:

  • Keep it simple. Overly designed and detailed lobby signage may confuse clients. This can make them uninterested, making your sign ineffective.
  • Make them pop. Lighted lobby signs are a great way to do this, adding more flair to your sign.
  • Keep it visible. Choose font styles and sizes that can be seen even from a distance.

Why Signs Unlimited is the Top Choice in San Jose, CA

An excellent lobby and reception sign require service from an excellent sign maker. Our team at Signs Unlimited has years of experience in the sign industry. This experience has led us to produce top-quality lobby signage. We get to know our clients and come up with designs and sign solutions that are specific and unique to your business needs.

Let us help you create a memorable business impression today! Contact us for your interior signage needs, and we’ll give you a free consultation.