Thermal Conductive Bonding (TCB) – Brand New Building Sign

Thermal Conductive Bonding’s (TCB) location in south San Jose did not have any visible signage on the building. So it was easy to drive by without seeing the company.  Enter Signs Unlimited. TCB approached us for some options for a sign that was visible and also met their specific logo requirements with elements that had color gradients.  After a few design options they finally settled on non-illuminated letters. These custom made letters when finished were close to 3.5 feet tall with the logo elements extended as much as 10 feet across. The installation required a boom lift due to the height of the building fascia. Here are a few completion photos. Please give us a call now at 408-224-2800, email is at, or visit our website, to see what we can do to make your business more visible.

Custom Dimensional Building Sign - TCB

Custom Dimensional Building Sign – TCB

Dimensional Logo Sign - TCB

Dimensional Logo Sign – TCB