Simple and Classy Lobby Sign – Cobham

Signs do not necessarily need to be very colorful or elaborate to communicate their message. If the idea is to reinforce a brand or just say we are here, then a subtle sign could just do the trick. Here is an example of a simple yet classy sign with client’s corporate logo and specific color. We used a brushed aluminum panel and silver stand offs to nicely accent the sign. Using stand-offs allow the sign panel be spaced away from the wall thus creating a deeper look. If you have any needs for new signs, banners, or graphics, please give us a call now at 408-224-2800, email us at, visit our website, or tweet us @signsunlimited3 to see how we can help.

Simple and classy lobby sign - Cobham

Classy Lobby Sign on Brushed Aluminum Panel - Cobham

Custom Lobby Sign - Cobham