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Panel Signs 101: Everything You Need to Know About Panel Signs

Are you establishing your new business or renovating and updating its grounds and facade? If so, new signage that accurately reflects your brand should be at the top of your wish list. Although your customers might be challenged to define just what post and panel signs are, they are likely the most visible indicators of your company to the outside world.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the type of commercial signs that you can use to highlight your brand while attracting new clients.

Which Type of Commercial Signs Should You Use?

Dollar for dollar, panel signs (often called “post and panel signs”) are some of the most economical advertisements your business can have. These are the large, customizable, outdoor signs typically seen near the main entrances to businesses and government facilities. 

Business owners can prominently display their company’s name and brand logo on one side and use the reverse to vividly convey another message, e.g., “ENTRANCE,” “EXIT,” hours of operation, or your catchy slogan.

First Impressions Matter Most

Savvy business owners realize that it is far easier and more cost-effective to make a good first impression than waste time and resources trying to correct a potential customer’s negative perception of your company. Outdoor signage acts as a visual marketing tool that allows your business to easily connect with your target market.

Are These Signs a Costly Initial Expense?

They will certainly set you back more than a blinking roadside sign with missing letters would. They can also be more expensive than some other types of exterior signs. But a professionally designed and installed sign is an investment in the future fortunes of your business.

Now is not the time to nickel and dime your bottom line. But your signage doesn’t have to break your budget, either. There are cheaper versions of these outdoor signs that will still look professional and make your brand stand out against its competitors.

Why Do You Need a Sign Company for Installation?

Professionals design and install signs for a living. They know just how deep in the ground to set the posts to ensure that your company’s sign will withstand inclement weather conditions and other destructive forces. They will also be able to avoid causing damage to the sign during the installation process.

Are you still on the fence about the type of signs you want to use as an advertisement for your company? Contact Signs Unlimited to come out at your convenience and give you a free quote. They can also offer welcome guidance on the best-matched sign to fit your unique brand.