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Outdoor Sign Ideas: Best Ways to Get Passerby Attention

Signage is important for any business. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation, signs play a key role in your success.

One of the benefits of having business signs is getting the visibility that you need. Visibility lets you build more awareness for your brand. This also makes it easier for customers to find your business in San Jose, CA.

Eye-catching Outdoor Signs

Among the many sign options available, exterior signs are responsible for making your business more visible. These signs are your partners in attracting and driving more foot traffic to your space.

With the oversaturated market, it can be challenging for businesses to stand out. Hopefully, these sign ideas can effectively get the attention of customers and passersby.

Light up your storefront with channel letters

Illuminated signs have always been effective at grabbing attention. Customers cannot help but notice a vibrant, bright sign outside your space.

Channel letters are a great way to elevate your storefront. At any time of the day, anyone passing by is sure to notice your business.

Spread out your message with yard signs

A consistent display of your brand and message is a great way to catch attention. This can be done through multiple signs near and around your space. Yard signs are the perfect option for this.

They are affordable and quick to make. This lets you get several signs to position around your space and promote your business. A good example of effective yard signs is real estate signs. These are useful for advertising open house events, property listings, and more.  

Create interest with commercial signs

One of the best ways to catch the attention of passersby is through a display of your products and services. You can showcase product or service features through images, graphics, and important details.

Showing your business offerings create interest for your brand. Commercial signs like window graphics, hanging signs, and vehicle graphics are sure to turn heads your way.

Move with the wind with outdoor banners

Humans are naturally attracted to motion. This is why banners and flags are ideal for catching the attention of people walking or driving by. When placed in a way that allows them to move, these signs can flutter in the wind and entice potential customers. 

Go digital with electronic message centers

Electronic message centers let you display more than one message using the same sign. This type of digital display is a surefire way to get noticed in San Jose, CA.

These signs are not only bright but also animated. Whether along the road or in a crowded area, these digital signs are hard to ignore.

Build Your Visibility Today

Attract the attention of anyone passing by with the right exterior signs for your business! For high-quality and effective sign solutions, trust Signs Unlimited to deliver your signage needs.

We offer a wide range of outdoor signage options that can help you stand out, including:

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  3. Real Estate Signs
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