New Directory Maps – Mariani Square

We’ve talked about the importance of directory or way-finding signage in any property. These signs are very helpful in getting you correctly oriented to where you need to go. They are also critical for first responders arriving onsite in case of emergencies. One of the issues with these property maps is that many are old and perhaps outdated. And in many cases there are no original files to work with in order to enhance them. So the process starts with clean photographs of the maps that currently exist. Then we would redraw the map from scratch adding all the enchantments needed. Signs Unlimited has been reproducing and fabricating property maps for many years. Here is a recent example of a job we just completed at Mariani Square Town Homes. If you are in need of any type of signs, banners, or graphics, please don’t hesitate to call us at 408-224-2800 or email us at You’ll be happy with the results.

property map - Mariani Square

property map – Mariani Square

Updated property map

Updated property map

Redraw Property Map for Mariani Square

Redrawn Property Map for Mariani Square