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Elevate Your Presence with Modern Monument Signs

A prominent, free-standing monument sign outside your business in San Jose, CA, must be well-crafted and well-placed to be effective. This large, impressive type of sign is designed to command attention. That’s why it needs to showcase a professional design and strategic placement to elevate your presence in the community.

Monument sign companies such as Signs Unlimited will design and fabricate a quality sign so that it achieves these objectives for your business. We craft custom signs that align with what our customers need. So, if you’re looking for monument signage that will take your brand to new heights, you can rely on our experienced team to deliver.

Here are some ways your monument sign will make an impact:

Advertise Your Brand

Monument signage offers you a range of ways to customize its display to showcase your brand. A variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and design options await you, giving you complete control over your sign’s design. Whether you display your company wordmark in dimensional letters, showcase your logo in acrylic, or take advantage of an electronic message board on your sign, you’re making a smart business investment. Customers will take notice of your impressive sign, giving you more exposure for your brand.

Landmark Your Location

The size of a commercial monument sign makes it ideal for serving as a landmark. People traveling to your business will appreciate a prominent sign that helps them find where you’re located. This is true for all kinds of visitors to your business, including customers, guests, couriers, and new employees. Your large sign will be a welcome sight to help create great first impressions from the get-go.

Attract Attention from Passersby

When your sign is strategically placed, it will garner attention — even from a distance. This means that passersby and motorists will take notice of your sign. This is a key time to connect with these individuals. When they’re right outside your business, and if they’re intrigued by what you have to offer, your sign could be what compels them to come inside and become your next customer.

Offer Business Information

You may decide to include information on your sign beyond your company name and logo. For individual businesses, this could mean including a street address and other essential details that guests need. For multi-tenant complexes, a listing of businesses on-site could be beneficial for visitors. Your monument signage will serve as an effective communication tool for any information your guests need upfront.

Request a Free Quote on Commercial Monument Signs in San Jose, CA

As we noted, monument signage is a type of sign that requires working with monument sign companies for professional design, manufacturing, and installation. In San Jose, CA, Signs Unlimited is your trusted partner in this regard. We offer quality signs and friendly customer service along with end-to-end support for bringing your sign to life.

Reach out to us to discuss your sign project and request a free quote.