Directory Signs in San Jose

If you’re in a building with more than one office, a directory sign is helpful in guiding visitors to the correct one. There are many uses for directory signs that you will benefit from with the design and installation of custom directory signs. The most important benefit is giving confidence to customers or clients that they are in the right place and know how to find you.

What Are Directory Signs?

Directory signs are designed to direct patients to the correct office building and room. Many people are confused or uncertain when visiting a new office, and often don’t remember the office number on return visits. Office directory signs can be custom-made for the exterior or interior of your building whoever works best for your company. These can be large directory signs for an office building lobby or an exterior sign directing people to the right parking area.

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Types of Building Directory Signs

One of the most common uses for directory signs is in the lobby of an office building, and near elevators on each floor. These help clients find your office themselves without needing a receptionist’s help. These lobby directory signs list everyone that works in the building either by name or company name and an office number. A smaller version of the lobby sign is on each floor near the elevators or stairs pointing customers in the right direction. Since most offices look the same in a hallway, directory signs are an immense help.

There are often additional direction signs on each floor to let patients know they’re going in the right direction, then an office number sign with the name of the officeholder to let people know they’ve reached the right office.

Cost of Directory Signs

The cost of directory signs varies depending on materials, size, and complexity of designing and manufacturing each sign. Business directory signs can be made of any material that holds up well for the individual situation. For signs that won’t be changed often, a metal sign works well for interior or exterior usage. If you need to be able to make changes on a frequent basis, signs that give you the option of adding a schedule or changing names daily need to be considered. When you contact us to get a quote on room directory signs we can give you the best options for the sign usage you need.

Building Directory Signs Near You

If you found us when you typed in “building directory signs near me,” then you know that Signs Unlimited services businesses in the San Jose area, and works with other businesses in designing and installing wall directory signs and other interior directory signs. We can work with your budget, and give you a quote on the best type of directory signs for your company and sign usage.

Multilayer acrylic lobby directory - Stanford Chem Dept.

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