Directional Signs

Have you ever visited a business for the first time and had to go through a maze of rooms and hallways? Trying to find your way through an unfamiliar space can be frustrating. Getting confused and lost can lead to missed appointments and wasted time.
Make it easy for people to find their way around your space with a simple sign solution: directional signs. This is a signage system that guides customers through your business in San Jose, CA.
Through the use of arrows and labels, these signs point visitors in the right direction. Overall, wayfinding signs help your business create a more positive experience for your customers.

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Types of Directional Signs

Wayfinding signage is a crucial addition to any San Jose business space. There are different types of signs that make your establishment more convenient:

  1. Identification

    These are the most common of all types of signs. They act as a general landmark and help visitors identify a particular place. These also let you know where you are and that you have reached the right location. A good example of these is department signs inside an office building. If you are trying to go to Human Resources, office wayfinding signs help you find your way.

  2. Directional

    These signs serve as a guide for people who want to reach a specific location. These are often found in airports, malls, and the like. Directional arrow signs are your silent customer service representative. They help people find their way without having to look for a person to ask. These are useful, especially for first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with your space.

  3. Regulatory

    These are crucial signs for any business. These keep your customers safe and secure inside your space. Regulatory signs also help make your business more accessible.

    These signs include:

    • Door safety signs
    • ADA directional signs
    • Caution signs
  4. Information

    Information signs provide important information for your visitors about the necessities in your building as well as any amenities you may have. These help customers have a more positive experience while finding their way inside your space.

    These include interior wayfinding signs that tell customers about:

    • Business Hours
    • Litter Disposal
    • Pool location
    • Elevator Locations
    • Bathroom Signs
    • Gym location
    • And more

Uses of Directional Signs

As your silent customer service representative, directional signs help your business in a lot of ways. They let your business create a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Give Direction

The basic purpose of custom wayfinding signs is to give directions. These help customers find what they’re looking for, especially in spaces with unclear traffic flow. Businesses often put these in highly visible areas to make sure people can easily spot them, even in a busy or crowded space.

Drive Customers to Your Business

These signs do more than just give directions. Exterior wayfinding signs have the important role of driving more customers to your space. Knowing exactly where to find you makes it easier for your target customers to visit your San Jose business. This is particularly important for establishments located in hard-to-find areas or a busy business district.

Strengthen Your Brand

People visiting your business are constantly looking at wayfinding signs for help. This gives you the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Custom directional signs that are designed with your brand theme and colors build brand familiarity. The more customers keep looking at your brand, the easier it is to remember you in the future.

Interior Directional Signs for Hotel in San Jose, CA

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