Custom Vehicle Graphics for Business

Decal Options for Your Commercial Vehicle

If you have just bought a new vehicle for your business, you might want to add your branding and crucial business information to it. Whether you are driving to a customer’s home to deliver a product or going to a vendor to pick something up, your vehicle can be a great way to attract customers around town.

Types of Vehicle Graphics in San Jose, CA

1. Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great option if you want to customize your vehicle. Using a unique color scheme and your brand’s vision, you can cover some or all of your vehicle using a wrap. Consider your vehicle becoming a mobile billboard.  At Signs Unlimited, we do partial wraps.

Partial vehicle wraps are usually made from vinyl film. They are also long-lasting, usually as long as five years. However, it usually comes down to the quality of the wrap and how well you take care of it. Therefore, it’s important to work with a professional company for vehicle wrapping.

2. Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals, also known as vehicle stickers, are basically graphics, letters, or images printed or cut from a self-adhesive vinyl film. Vehicle decals are great for adding fun and exciting graphics to your vehicles to attract customers.

These are useful for those who want a minimalistic design and not full-fledged advertising. Vehicle decals are remarkably affordable, as you can customize them according to the size and design you want.

They are also instrumental in attracting attention, as you can get as creative as you want in your advertising. If you want to make changes to the design, you can also take them off easily and replace them with another decal.

3. Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is basically a type of car decal that involves solid colored letters cut off from a vinyl sheet. These are perfect for all those who want to communicate clear-cut information to customers.

Vehicle lettering works particularly well if you want to showcase your contact information and services to potential customers. These work well on big trucks with a lot of surface space to make the presentation expansive and bold.

Create your very own vehicle graphics in San Jose, CA

So whether you want to promote your products, services, or brand, you need vehicle graphics to make it a unique and dynamic experience for your customers. Contact the experts at Signs Unlimited and get your very own vehicle graphics.