Custom Channel Letters Signage for Business

Channel Letters for Your Business

A business needs to attract customers, enhance its brand image, and showcase important information. This can be done with the help of channel letters that help business owners attract the attention of pedestrians and drivers equally.

What Are channel letters?

Channel letters are 3D constructed letters that draw the attention of passersby. They can either be the names of the business or other messages such as “Open 24/7” and “Welcome” to attract customers.

How important are storefront channel letters for businesses?

There are various benefits of channel letters in San Jose, CA, for businesses. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, you can use your signs to attract customers to your business and create a strong impression about your brand.

1. They can boost your brand image

Exterior signs do more than just communicate about your brand. They also showcase that your brand is inviting and friendly. And depending on your business needs, you can customize channel letters to create the right impression about your business.

For instance, bars and restaurants usually prefer LED channel letter signs to showcase the typical ambiance of this category.

2. Channel letters are also environmentally friendly

Most channel letters use LED lighting over traditional energy sources, such as neon and fluorescent lights. In this way, LED channel letters to consume less power and are less dependent on lead and mercury.

LED-illuminated lights also don’t make use of a lot of high voltage transformers. In this way, it has a greater lifespan. Being environmentally friendly will not only help your business but will also show your customers that you are a trustworthy brand that cares.

3. You can easily customize them

Channel letters in San Jose, CA, are manufactured using a very flexible process. This means you can get them customized according to your special needs. From size, color, style, shape, to form, you can choose and arrange to fit your office space theme and branding.

For instance, if you want your company’s vision to be turned into a sign, you can work with Signs Unlimited to get a custom sign made.

Promote your brand with storefront channel letters

So what are you waiting for? If you want to promote your products, tell important information about your brand, and attract customers to your store, then you need channel letters today. Contact the experts at Signs Unlimited.